Resourcing the Project Portfolio

The SLA superintendent is disturbed that the SLA PMO is not willing to assistance the procurement agree demands of the territory and asks you to educe a material cunning.

For this Assignment:

Read Part 5: “SLA Procurement Resource” in the PMC Corporation Case Study.

  • Prepare a 3- to 4-page tractate that addresses these items:

    • 1-Develop a material cunning for the SLA Procurement Specialists that begins on July 1 and goes through the end of the year (December 31st).
    • 2-Develop a spreadsheet that reflects all the projects assigned to the procurement agree specialists—Joe Spenser, Linda Rodriguez, and Sam Smith—and embed your spreadsheet into your tractate.
    • 3-Explain your order for making the excerption and assignments.
    • 4-Recommend changes that demand to be made for the PMO to be past powerful in material cunningning to assistance the projects in the SLA territory.