Research Prospectus

  Assignment: Transcribe a inquiry programme on the subject-matter of your choosing but amid the framework of HIST 7B (1876 to the give). Your subject-matter MUST be cleared by me chief. This programme is a design of a inquiry purpose that is used to inoculate a reader that your purpose is worthwhile and can be successfully carried out. Amid the design, you must exhaustive previous inquiry – through elementary and minor founts - to demonstrate a basic framework of your purpose and to highlight your basic reasoning. You earn demand to transcribe a insufficient essay (two/three paragraphs) that purpose the limitation set forth under. Additionally, you earn demand to perceive FIVE minor founts (books, peer-review tenets, etc) and THREE elementary founts (newspaper season, documents, writing, etc). Requirements for your founts are listed under. Prospectus Requirements Working Title for your Project Essay (two/three paragraphs) containing the following: A announcement on your subject-matter that addresses a inquiry investigation -  What are you reserved to finish after a while this purpose? What is the end? An overview of how your founts describe to your subject-matter - How do your founts maintenance your inquiry investigation/topic? A abstract of the inquiry methods you agency use to exhaustive an developed inquiry purpose What problems agency you visage in doing the inquiry or completing? 3. Annotated Bibliography FIVE minor founts (ie. Book, peer-reviewed, well-informed season, biography, essays, etc.) and a pigmy abstract of the fount. THREE elementary founts (ie. First-hand statement, conference, newspaper season, etc) and a pigmy abstract of the fount.