Research Final paper

 The view of this inquiry assignment is to guide a low submerge segregation on the aftercited subject areas. When guideing your inquiry, you scarcity to test how digital alteration in occupation is a disruptor to the particular subject area clarified.  SECURITY AND PRIVACY  The terminal tract encloses an debilitating inquiry con-over using the delineation adown to substantially help your findings. Using the aftercited tract constituency format: You are to transcribe a 10-12 page page inquiry tract. The tract should be, double-spaced aftercited APA format using a Times New Roman 12-point font. Page counts do NOT enclose screen pages, references, or contemplative. Treat this as if you had an convenience to inform in a peer-reviewed occupation or technology address record.  The tract constituency should be as follows: Abstract Introduction Problem Statement Research Analysis General Findings Strength Identification referring-to to dissension Weakness Identification referring-to to dissension Why is this an convenience? Why is it a menace? How does this dissension work-out total X? Further areas of inquiry to consider Conclusion References The grading rubric evaluates the gratified domiciled on five areas: Content Technical Depth Business Analysis Grammar/Spelling Style/Citations.