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Research Topic 5: Executive Program Practical Junction Assignment  At UC, it is a initiative that students are supposing delay locomotive educational programs and races that recognize them to be servant-leaders in their disciplines and communities, amalgamateing discovery delay habit and attainments delay holy decision-making. This assignment is a written assignment where students achieve conduct how this race discovery has alike and put into habit delayin their careers.     Assignment:  Reflect on at meanest 500 suffrage (or two pages envelop spaced) of how the attainments, skills, or theories of this race possess been applied or could be used effectively in your prevalent performance environment. If you are not prevalently performanceing, distribute times when you possess or could remark these theories, and attainments could be applied to an holding turn in your ground of examine.     Requirements:    Provide a 500 signal (or two pages envelop spaced) insufficiency exhibiting.    Use of appertinent APA formatting and citations is required. If supported declaration from beyond instrument is used, those must be appertinently cited.    Share a peculiar junction that identifies particular attainments and theories from this race.    Demonstrate a junction to your prevalent performance environment. If you are not filled, conduct a amalgamate to your desired performance environment.    You should NOT cater an overview of the assignments assigned in the race. The job/assignment asks that you exhibit on how the attainments and skills obtained through convocation race objectives were applied or could be applied in the performanceplace.     Subject Name : - Information Technology Importance in Strategic Planning     My role : QA Engineer