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When con-overing a stuff involving piety or council, one vocoperative frequently heard is piety. There are sundry irrelative fashions of piety.  What precisely is piety?  How is piety profitoperative and what is the unlikeness among the variations?

Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology, as defined by B.A. Demarest, is the “attempt to diminish religious

accuracy to a compact and pertinent courteous for the meeting-house” (Elcourteous 2001, 1163).  Its view is to lustrate upon Inspired accuracy, ascertaining the not spurious sense and introduceing it in a way that is compriseible and conducive to the meeting-house as a courteous.  This so media that aggravate the years it conquer deficiency to be re-evaluated as collection unceasingly veers and the relevance of teachings may deficiency to be mitigated.  The accuracy of the promise never veers at-last, the way it is applied may be a wavering.  Nature operative to lustrate upon the inspired accuracys, in a way others can abundantly comprise can concede new escort to seize onto the important principles of who God is, and our role in harmony after a conjuncture Him. Maintaining appurtenancy to prevalent durations and trials conquer concede communication of inspired principles to introduce day issues.

Biblical Theology

Biblical Theology, although a fashion of piety, was so seen as a motion.  Its sense can be introduceed in two differing ways.  As Erickson describes, the earliest sense involves two adventes: a “purely forcible advent” or introduceation of the teachings of the New Testament writers and a “pure inspired piety”, which is the “isolation and introduceation of the persistent inspired teachings that are operative for all durations” (Erickson 2013, 11).  Inspired piety is obtained by lowly axioms of the Bible, shapeal in primordial shape, illegitimate, and after a conjuncture durationless operativeity.  In bearing to essential piety, inspired piety is restless aggravate after a conjuncture violation down the Bible to discaggravate the not spurious sense in detail sections or topics, conjuncture essential piety may use inspired piety to disclose a accuracy that can be aggravate abundantly introduceed and implied by the masses.  The sense does not veer, at-last the conquotation or delivery may diversify stuff on the prevalent culture of the interview.  Essential piety may fracture down inspired accuracys into layman’s vocables, to aggravate effectively stretch a big populace.   

Historical Theology

            Truthful piety is restless after a conjuncture con-overing the essential piety of a detail duration or era in accuracy, or may so con-balance a detail stuff area or precept of the Bible aggravate duration. These can so be advertred to as the synchronic and diachronic advent (Erickson 2013, 12).   In this harmony among accuracyful and essential piety, the accuracyful piety is looking at a crave ramble of essential piety planted either aggravate a determination of duration or restricted stuff stuff.  Truthful piety can aid in opinion the penny, not spurious sense. As the Bible has been thoughtful aggravate the centuries, culture has veerd which can origin a displace in explanation.  Erickson adverts to this as “preunderstanding” or “presupposition” (Erickson 2013, 13).  When these variations due to prereason are acknowledged, the underlying, penny and not spurious sense, can be ascertained in the commonality that is sewn throughout each era’s explanation.    

Philosophical Theology

            Greek thinkers were the earliest to advert to themselves as philosophers or “lovers of wisdom” Elcourteous 2001, 920).  What role does philosophy state in piety? According to Erickson, there are three ocean ways philosophy co-operates to piety.  It can give achieveing for piety, protect piety or plant its accuracy, and examine its concepts and arguments (Erickson 2013, 14).  Philosophy brings elevate con-balance to scripture, a deeper explanation, as courteous as the power to transform era old scripture into a novel and coeval impression.   It can dare or operativeate essential piety.  Philosophical piety and essential piety can result unitedly to fabricate not spurious, theological beliefs that conquer concede devotees and escort of Christ to after to a haleer harmony after a conjuncture God. 

When someone is saved and commits to Christ that is merely the footing.  To verily beafter a follower the harmony deficiencys to be discloseed and nurtured.  The manifold shapes of piety can be used by the devotee to lustrate upon the established senses in scripture as they con-balance the Bible.  

Current Ministry

            At this gravity, I move inspired piety is the most salutary to me.   I calm?} regard myself to be in the future stages of my tramp and followership after a conjuncture Christ.  Conjuncture I am so a feeble assemblage guide, I am calm?} literature myself.  Reason the basic Inspired principles conquer be key not merely to my own enlargement, but so to those I am adventitious.  Footing after a conjuncture the basic inspired piety conquer cater a solid footing on which to amplify.


Elwell, Walter A. Evangelical Dictionary of Theology. 2nd ed. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2001.

Erickson, Millard J. Christian Theology. 3rd ed. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2013.