Posted: October 27th, 2022

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  Topic 5 DQ 2  Reply to Candi

In today’s society CAM has gotten very popular in regards to going a different route when it comes to medical treatment. This altrnative treatment has been on the rise in last couple of years. It has been incorporated with individuals culture, beliefs, and religion ( Favlo, 2011). CAM therapy represented one of the highly common form of prayer that was being used by well over 60 percent of the individuals involved in the survey. On this issue, it has also been pointed out that the use of complementary and alternative medicine has increased in a dramatic fashion over the past few years. It is also observed that “Several studies of CAM utilization reveal that reported use increases dramatically and may even double when prayer is included in the definition of CAM” (Ernst, 2015). Among the 60 percent of people who use the complementary and alternative medicine with prayer, the prayer has been categorized based on such aspects like yoga as well as the spiritual healingfor many individuals.

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reply to both comment
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Ernst, E. (2015). Complementary medicine: Common misconceptions. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 244-247.

Falvo, D. (2011). Effective Patient Education: A Guide To Increased Adherence. Retrieved from

 Topic 5 DQ 2 Reply to Nicole

According to a survey that included questions on various types of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), prayer specifically for health reasons was the most used CAM therapy. 43% uses prayer for their own health.24% uses prayer for others health and 10% participates in a prayer group for their own health. Most people who use CAM use it to treat themselves, as only about 12% sought care from a licensed CAM practitioner (CDC, 2009). In the United States, according to the government survey, 36% of adults are using some form of CAM (CDC, 2009). When megavitamin therapy and prayer specifically for health reasons are included in CAM, that number rises to 64% compared to 57% when prayers are excluded. It was also noted that overall, blacks and women had a significantly higher odds of using CAM with prayer (Robles et al., 2017).

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2009). NCHS Pressroom – 2004 News Release – Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Robles, B., Upchurch, D. M., & Kuo, T. (2017, March 3). Comparing Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use with or without Including Prayer as a Modality in a Local and Diverse United States Jurisdiction. Frontiers.

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