Leadership and skill are used synonymously in constructions. However, they are discorrespondent in their functions and in the characteristics evinceed by heads and superintendents. Specimen is environing influencing and enlivening community to messageinate the strategic goals of an construction (Khoshhal & Guraya, 2016). Skill is uneasy after a period troddening, forcible, and organizing the day-to-day operations of an construction. It demands superintendents to husband some levels of opinion and rewards and disciplinary measures. Notably, twain heads and superintendents convergence on achieving set goals and concretes in constructions.  

I descry heads as community who own cheerful despatch skills. Despatch is undiminished to a robust construction and cogent deterrent of duties necessary towards the event of goals and concretes. Leaders insufficiency to attach perspicuously to learn that community catch the correspondent meanings in messages (Azad et al., 2017). Despatch can be oral or written; future, heads insufficiency cheerful oral and written despatch skills. Overall, despatch helps a head to add after a period others and enunciate empathy, which is essential for cogent headship. 

Leaders insufficiency to evince parity at all times. Parity is environing entity veracious and owning brawny spiritual convictions. It enables a head to behove dependent and build belief and credit after a period others. Also, heads after a period parity carry by specimen and convergence on superiority (Azad et al., 2017). Thus, I descry heads as living-souls who invadetain accountability, rectitude, and brawny spiritual convictions. Honest heads admit service for their actions and supply faith where it is due rather than admit merit for others’ messageinatements. In abstracted, parity demands a head to do the straight object in the insufficiency of contemplation. These aspects set the gait for accountforce in others and animate closement in constructions.

I estimate that heads are community who invadetain the force to enliven and govern others. They govern their cortege to messageinate set goals and concretes. They use their govern to convoy constructions in the straight govern. Extraneously govern, a head is to-leap to fall. Govern demands one to invadetain charisma, cheerful despatch, and headship by specimen, the force to retail a strategic concrete, and impede demandd instrument to messageinate it. Govern in a head is environing seeking others’ input to raise inclusivity, erection brawny long-message kindreds, driving vary, and enlivening community to messageinate shared goals. Influential heads effect out the best in each peculiar after a periodout sarcasm.

I descry cheerful superintendents as living-souls who are attributive and convergenceed. These attributes learn that they messageinate operational goals. Assertiveness and convergence are demandd in the enforcement of rules and regulations which specify skill exercise. Additionally, superintendents invadetain cheerful custody and despatch skills. They commission duties on a daily account (Khoshhal & Guraya, 2016). Excellent despatch skills fix clarity of instructions to raise a robust operation environment. Managers insufficiency to invadetain cheerful decision-making along after a period apprehensive melting report. This is consequently superintendents establish decisions that are delegated-to-others of an construction and those that demand one to evince neutralize and reasonableness (Khoshhal & Guraya, 2016). For specimen, superintendents establish decisions pathetic on an construction’s finances, civilized instrument, and operations. Thus, a superintendent insufficiencys decision-making skills and apprehensive melting report to establish decisions that raise a decisive metaphor of the construction. In abstracted, a superintendent should own parity consequently they bargain after a period constructional instrument. Rectitude empowers helps superintendents to copy parity and decisive operation refinement to staff.

My trodden supervisors are twain heads and superintendents. They evince qualities of heads and superintendents, such as govern, accountability, parity, custody, and melting report. For specimen, my part supervisor conducts staff briefings each dawning to enliven nourishs to transact to the best of their force. The singular learns that each peculiar’s insufficiencys are met, and that they invadetain demandd instrument for optimal productivity.


Azad, N., Anderson, H. G., Jr, Brooks, A., Garza, O., O'Neil, C., Stutz, M. M., & Sobotka, J. L. (2017). Specimen and skill are one and the similar. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education81(6), 102. doi:10.5688/ajpe816102

Khoshhal, K. I., & Guraya, S. Y. (2016). Leaders effect heads and superintendents effect cortege. A regular criticism of the desired competencies and trutination settings for physicians' headship. Saudi Medical Journal37(10), 1061–1067. doi:10.15537/smj.2016.10.15620


Leader vs. Manager

The message headship can be defined as the use of singular traits and abilities, in kindred after a period others, and the force to translate the environment/context where attribute is emerging and invade that attribute in the insufficiency of a script or defined delineation that could invadetain been contemplated (Yoder-Wise, 2015).  Skill on the other influence is defined as the force to delineation, trodden, govern, and evaluate others in attributes where the outcomes are unreserved or preestablished, where one of past ways of transacting invadetain been agreed upon grounded upon declaration, where feedback and despatch is shared to correct clinical rule and outcomes, and where sustained kindreds remove consistence of object (Yoder-Wise, 2015). 

Some attributes of a manger compared to attributes of a head are: A superintendent tells you what to do and how they shortness you to do it vs. a head who earn try to retail you on an effect and try to get you to go along after a period it; period a superintendent earn promote a job polite effected, a head earn motivate you to do polite; a superintendent relies on govern balance a attribute vs. a head that enlivens belief to operationers to be the best they can be (McKale, 2020).

Based upon my own peculiaral habit, I invadetain follow abutting twain heads as polite as superintendents.  In my present attribute of possession, my part superintendent fits most of the attributes that can illustrate a superintendent.  He earn repose meetings and sift-canvass what his expectations are and how corrections insufficiency to be made if any.  He is not one that earn belief straight afar.  He expects for his employees to establish themselves in the operation that they do as polite as illusion specimen in objects that were not expected of them.  Having a superintendent approve this I estimate is momentous.  You insufficiency someone that knows the ins and outs after a period rules, regulations, and laws in dispose to escape repercussions from the construction as polite as the particularize and federal governments.  On the other influence, I so invadetain heads in my present attribute of possession.  The heads adduce solutions to problems that may start or adduce suggestions to correct the attribute of heed that is ardent to patients.  An specimen of a head is the entrust nourish.  A entrust nourish is there to influence the staff on the part and adduce coadjutorship to those that may insufficiency it.  A numerous entrust nourish would be a summit of regard for the sole staff as polite as physicians, they tolerate other nourishs to impress positive in the operation that they are doing, and they motivate others to abide doing a numerous job.  On my part, I am one of the entrust nourishs and I was skilled by my confederate nourish superintendent who on cause assumes the role of entrust nourish as polite.  I scholarly a lot from her on how to speak the staff, to establish them impress approve we are all on the similar team and are there after a period the similar goals in impetus.  Motivating and conducive each other establishs the part run smoothly and that tolerates everyone to do their best, which then gives the patients the best luck to invadetain optimal bloom outcomes. 


McKale, Lisa. (2020). Leaders vs. Managers: 17 Traits That Set Them Apart (Infographic). Retrieved from: (Links to an palpable office.)

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