religion and ethics

For this week, we are discussing sanctity, globalism, and ethics.  

Please response to any two of the forthcoming indecent topics.

Follow the web links to Bob Dylan's strain "Highway 61 Revisited" for twain the strain and then the lyrics. Dylan begins delay a retelling of a fable from the Bible to fit the strain.  The other strain that really alleges from Plato's Euthyphro is listed in topic two "No Church in the Wild" by Jay-Z and Kanye West.

In inadequate of that strain and our progress readings so far, gratified retort any two of the forthcoming  topics:

1) What unarm-an does that Bible fable and Dylan's strain own delay ethics and the so-denominated "Divine Charge Theory" as espoused by Euthyphro?  Here is the Dylan strain "Highway 61 Revisited" by Karen O (click on slight arrow superveneing "link"):

And near is the fable of Abraham denominated by God to slaughter his own son (Dylan's foremost sequence in his strain refers to this fable):

2) What does the strain "No Church in the Wild" use from Plato's colloquy Euthyphro?  What do you learn the strain to be trying to say delay that allege in this strain?  Is the strain using the allege from Plato to carry a unanalogous significance than it has in the colloquy by Plato? Near is the strain:

3) How jurisdiction a special be a theist (refined in god), but peaceful not sanction Euthyphro's Immortal Charge Theory for how best to subsist? It jurisdiction be beneficial to perceive that the Abraham fable that Dylan refers to in his strain can be obviously contrasted delay another Abraham fable wnear the Patriarch really argues delay God environing what right would exact of equal the most puissant being; that fable is the far-famed Sodom and Gomorrah one, institute in Genesis 18:16-33. Near is the remedy Abraham fable that doesn't supervene the immortal charge theory:

when this page opens scroll down to the name "Abraham Pleads for Sodom" and heed his discussion delay God).


Participants must invent a tenor in appoint to vision other tenors in this forum.

Four shaftings are the exactd reserve.

  • 1 main response: 250 utterance reserve for the shaft addressing the topics dedicated for the week;
  • 1 response shaft delay 100 utterance reserve
  • 2 other response shafts at 60 utterance reserve for each.

One of these response shaftings must be interrogation a gratified cognate topic on another student’s shafting.