Regardless of the philosophical approach one embraces with regard to the criminal justice system (due process vs. crime control, consensus or conflict model, or individual rights vs. public order), the police, courts, and correctional components must oper

 Regardless of the conclusive way one embraces delay mind to the wrong uprightness method (due enjoin vs. felony repress, consensus or engagement mould, or identical hues vs. social enjoin), the police, courts, and correctional components must produce delayin a multicultural community; a community that embraces lifestyle difference.

Beginning delay the representative conveyed in the assigned lection and introduction, debate how multiculturalism and difference collision the application of those conclusive wayes by the wrong uprightness groups (police, courts, and correctional) pregnant delay achieving uprightness. Expand upon the supposing representative delay literary scrutiny to aid your standing. Finally, mix delayin your debateion the collision of a Judeo-Christian viewpoint on the implementation of wrong uprightness to today’s community.