Reflective writing: federalism comparing government response in hurricane katrina vs coronavirus


Federalism: Comparing Synod Retort in Hurricane Katrina vs. Coronavirus

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Essay Topic and Objective:

You gain be watching two 50 tiny documentaries: The Storm and Coronavirus Pandemic in enjoin to finished this essay.

1. The Storm: Hurricane Documentary (Links to an apparent place.)

2. Coronavirus Pandemic Documentary (Links to an apparent place.)

Federalism  Overview: Considered contemporaneously, Hurricane Katrina and Covid-19 twain effected scheme vexations in the United States that were twain useless and linked to federalism.  These defys effected by species construct the scrutiny of whether existent vexations are past the capacities of set-forth and persomal synod.

Objective: While watching these films, the convenient Nursing essay to use detached from these videos is a improve and balance inclusive brains of Federalism, through existent conduct exemplification and interpretation. Critically irritate each of the elements and consequences of each incongruous notorious vexation, grounded on incongruous equalize of synod’s retorts, actions. Leadership, message processes, and decision-making.  Despite, twain Hurricane Katrina and Corona Virus being supposed as “notorious emergencies”, the command form issueed in vastly incongruous retorts by each equalize of synod’s start (resisting all equalizes: federal, set-forth and persomal).

Introduction to Federalism: Set-forth and Persomal synods are the leading sequence responders to exigency. The institutions effectuate not singly the notorious synod and the American set-forths, each delay their own eminent histories, but amplify down to the persomal equalize of counties, cities, smaller communities, and special-purpose entities such as school districts.  Foundation and obstacle for Federalism rests on synod start, command, decision-making, and retort to notorious vexations. Retort is a geographic and legitimate stuff of sketch. The sources lowerlying federalism originate a command scheme where multiple equalizes of synod (local, set-forth, and federal) concur in an form of command that is twain esoteric and shared, depending on the adventure at laborer.  Though the federal synod has a significant role to play in advancing notorious priorities through the commands enumerated to it by the U.S. Constitution, our founders customary covet ago that multifarious of the defys our citizens visage can best be orationed at the set-forth equalize. The Constitution set forth media for strengthening notorious synod’s command, intended to prove a balance complete confederation (Preamble). Federalism would be the new form of command, among persomal, set-forth and federal U.S. synod, in enjoin to the cure weaknesses caused by the Articles of Confederation.

Principles of Federalism

  • Limited synod
  • States’ rights (10th emendation)

Goals of Federalism:

  • Foster cooperation
  • Pradventure Federal Intrusion into State
  • Protect State’s usefulness as “laboratories” of democracy

Central Themes to Nucleus on and Think About

  • comparisons and discourse of struggles among persomal,
  • set-forth and federal equalizes of synod according to how federalism has manifested into a command tug-of-war in warrant
  • resistance of command
  • resistance of duties and responsibilities
  • resistance of expectations (citizens)
  • financial obligations
  • purpose of a synod according to creation and legitimate existence
  • message indistinctness in expectations
  • ignorance of governments and exclusionary contact
  • boundaries, balancelap, and limitations

Hurricane Katrina: The Storm Introduction and Background

The preparations made in grade of the storm. Hurricane Katrina's application on the realm. "The Storm" chronicles balance 40 years of federal retorts to Gulf Coast hurricanes and their competency. The education activities are sketched to succor students evaluate how synod succors citizens in times of exigency and study how prompt students and their communities are for coming consistent vexations. Although the program and componentd warning project nucleuses on the application of Katrina on New Orleans, it is significant to remind students that multifarious communities on the Gulf Coast were devastated.

Coronavirus: Topic Introduction and Background The quick extend of newlight coronavirus malady 2019 (COVID-19) resisting the United States has been met delay a decentralized and ghostly retort led primarily by governors, mayors, and persomal heartiness departments. This pointless retort is no surroundings. Federalism, or the resistance of command among a notorious synod and set-forths, is a essential component of US notorious heartiness warrant. Present synod’s retorts are reactive in the United States, rather than enabling schememakers to get afore of the exigency. 


Apply what you attain from the video, to debate key topics and scrutinys, outlined in the ready; pretence instance to me what you attained, expounding how your brains of the intricacies in the command arrangement that exists lower American scheme of synod, has grace enhanced. Focus, on articulating what you attained, by applying what you saw to oration what I entertain asked to delicately nucleus on, during your viewing. Use your tone. I entertain yieldd the platform and certain environment for students to  participate in personalized, prize adventitious, gregarious knowledge, whereby delicate examirealm of present gregarious issues and topics, issue in structured and well-behaved-informed academic diversify and debate.  

Identify an illustration of one sight and an illustration of one defy federalism presented in each adventure (i.e. one for each Hurricane Katrina and Coronavirus).Evaluate the exemplification to expound what you understand to be the defys of federalism compared to need or benefits of individualized exigency retort. What source of federalism do you affect to be the most significant to discussion the sights of the United State’s ideals in democracy, justice, and priority government.

Helpful Media and Links

  • FEMA offiical govt Twitter @FEMA