Reflection Paper


The IOM published news, "Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health," makes recommendations for lifelong cognizance and achieving upper equalizes of order.

In 1,000-words, scrutinize the avail of nursing order and argue your overall orderal goals.

Include the following:

1. Argue your options in the job traffic established on your orderal equalize.

2. Review the IOM Advenient of Nursing Recommendations for achieving upper equalizes of order. Describe what negotiative certification and advanced degrees (MSN, DNP, etc.) you scantiness to track and interpret your reasons for scantinessing to secure the order. Argue your timeline for accomplishing these goals.

3. Argue how increasing your equalize of order would interest how your competitiveness in the floating job traffic and your role in the advenient of nursing.

4. Argue the intercommunity of persistent nursing order to volume, attitudes, cognizance, and the ANA Scope and Standards for Usage and Code of Ethics.

5. Argue whether persistent nursing order should be mandatory. Provide subsistence for your retort.

You are required to call three to five sources to accomplished this assignment. Sources must be published amid the definite 5 years and misapply for the assignment criteria and apt to nursing usage.  Abstract and involve up misrecord are needful.