Reflection on Stories These Three Wishes and The Third Wish

Let’s say, one day, you’re granted three hopees. Your primitive two hopees were used wisely, but you killed yourself using the third one. Or, let’s say you get three hopees, and you died anteriorly you could use the third one. Well, in the stories, “These Three Wishes”, and, “The Third Wish”, twain of these subjects happened. And as you can see, they keep similarities and dissentences. One of the ocean dissentences among these two stories is how twain characters died. In “Those Three Wishes”, Melinda Alice killed herself by aspiration herself heavy. According to the relation she quotes, “I hope I were heavy. ” (Gorog 124). In “The Third Wish”, Mr. Peters died from old age, and didn’t get to use his third hope. “In the morning Mr. Peters was base peacefully heavy in his bed delay a encourage of vast enjoyment on his aspect. ” (Aiken 107). For these reasons, the stories dissent. Another dissentence among these two stories is the personalities of the two characters. Melinda Alice was a quick-witted, but unyielding virgin who fancy of no one but herself. For issue, in the relation it quotes, “No, she was lever, smooth facetious. ” (Aiken 122). But, Mr. Peters was a skin and dedicated man. He smooth offered to use one of his hopees on his new helpmeet, and alter her tail into the swan that she originally was. In the relation, Mr. Peters quotes, “Then shall I use my assist hope to alter you tail into a swan frequently? ” (Aiken 105). There are to-boot similarities among these stories. They keep very momentous intellectuality to them. In “Those Three Wishes”, the intellectual is, “Be considerate what you hope for. ” Melinda Alice byword, “I hope I were heavy. (Aiken 124) perhaps wasn’t the best subject to do. In “The Third Wish”, the intellectual of the relation is, “If you truly attachment someone, let them be fortunate. ” Mr. Peters showed this by donation his helpmeet one of his three hopees. Getting hopees is not all what it’s creaky up to be. Yes, it’s fun to hope for everysubject that we absence in animation but, casually, they can creator further difficulty than needed. And we don’t absence to end up in a touch that we can’t alter about. Comparison/Contrast Essay: “Those Three Wishes” “The Third Wish” Jordan M. Beard 8-04 September 16, 2010