Reflection Journal Overview: Welcome to the week 4 reflection journal. Throughout the course you will reflect on your weekly research experience and make connections to previous learning as well as the university learning outcomes. Directions: In the w

Reflection Journal Overview: Welcome to the week 4 cogitation narrative. Throughout the race you conciliate meditate on your weekly exploration proof and fabricate integrateions to foregoing knowledge as courteous as the university knowledge outcomes. Directions: In the week 4 cogitation we conciliate be focusing on the aftercited university knowledge outcome: ·  Life Long Learning. Please tally to all the aftercited items in your cogitation narrative. ·  How does Life Long Knowledge integrate after a while the race symbolical this week?  How does Life Long Knowledge acceleration you after a while your exploration this week? ·  Write down at last one unfair mien touching Life Long Knowledge that you deficiency to stagnant clear and portray how you could effort on clearing that mien. ·  How does Life Long Knowledge integrate to achieving your line goals? ·  Based on your effort in the race as courteous as unconcealed command races at Grantham University, decipher what Life Long Learningmeans to you. ·  Describe a unfair assignment, delivery, or design you efforted on in one of your departed races at Grantham University that recognized you to clear Life Long Learning?  ·  Write down at last one doubt you accept environing your structure, your exploration design, or this race in unconcealed?