Reflection Essay on Information Systems

MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUMMARY ( LECTURE NOTES 1 – Instruction Systems in Global Matter Today)1. Elucidate why Instruction Systems are so requisite in matter today. OInformation Systems are indispensable for commenceing Matter today. OIn manifold industries, operation and flush creature is troublesome beyond comprehensive use of Instruction Systems. OInformation Systems possess behove requisite for abetting elevateings effect in a global dispensation. OOrganization are troublesome to behove over competitive and fertile by transfigureing themselves into ‘Digital Firms’ where approximately all centre matter modees and homogeneity delay customers, suppliers, and employees are digitally enabled. OBusiness today use Instruction Systems to conclude six relevant objectives: 1. Operational excellentity 4. Improved Redisintegration making 2. New result, Services & Matter models 5. Competitive practice 3. Customer / Supplier friendliness 6. Day-to-day operation Loading... MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS 2. Define an Instruction System from twain Technical and Matter perspective From a Technical perspective: OAn Instruction System collects, stores, and disseminates Instruction from an elevateing’s environment and inner operations to buttress elevateingal emulatency and redisintegration making, message, coordination, guide, Decomcollocation and visualization. OInformation Systems transfigure raw facts into conducive Instruction through three basic activities: Input, Procescackle and Output From a Matter perspective OAn Instruction System stipulates a disintegration to a whole or dare confrontment a customary and stipulates actual economic prize to the matter. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS 3. Identify and inhale the three tome of Instruction Systems An Instruction System plays a cabal of Management, Organization, and Technology elements. OThe Administration Dimension involves: §Leadership, §Strategy, §Management behaviour. OThe Building Dimension involves: §Organization’s hierarchy, §Functional appropriateities, §Business Processes, §Culture, §Political curiosity-behalf assemblys OThe Technology Dimension insists of: §Computer Hardware, §Software, §Data Administration technology, § Neteffect / Telecommunications technology (including the Internet. Loading... MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS 4. Asses the Complementary Property required for I. T to stipulate prize to a Matter OAn Instruction System is keep-akeep-apart of a terminatemention of ‘Value-adding activities’ for acquiring, transfigureing and distributing Instruction to better Administration redisintegration making, augment Organizational deed, and at-last Increase customary profitability OIT cannot stipulate this Prize true it is accompanied by buttressive shifts in Building and Administration named Complementary Property These Complementary Property include: §New Matter Models New Matter Processes §Supportive Organizational Cultivation §Incentives for Administration Buttress and innovations §Training §Social Property (Such as Standards, Laws and Regulations), §Telecommunications infrastructure. §Firms that beget divert investments in these complementary Assets, besides named Organizational and Administration Capital, accept excellent returns on their IT Investment. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS 5. Identify and inhale synchronous congruousityes to the Consider of Instruction Systems and characterize betwixt Computer Literacy and Instruction Systems Literacy. OThe consider of Instruction Systems deals delay issues and insights contributed from Technical and Behavioural disciplines. OThe Discipline that contributes to Technical congruousity are: §Computer Science §Management Science §Operational Research OThe Discipline that contributes to Behavioural Similarity are: §Psychology §Sociology §Economics §Information Systems Literacy requires an discernment of the Organizational and Administration tome of Instruction Systems, as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved as Technical tome addressed by Computer Literacy. §Information System Literacy inhales on twain Technical and Behavioural congruousityes to considering Instruction Systems. The ground of MIS promotes Instruction Systems Literacy by combining all of these disciplines delay skilled orientation towards developing System disintegrations to actual earth wholes and managing IT media. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUMMARY ( LECTURE NOTES 2 – How Matter Use Instruction Systems? ) 1. Detail and inhale Matter Processes and their homogeneity to Instruction Systems. OA Matter Mode is a logically kindred set of activities that detail how restricted Matter tasks are consummated, and a Matter can be viewed as a assemblage of Matter Processes. OBusiness Processes are decided courses of Material, Instruction and KnowledgeOBusiness Processes play sole ways in which elevateings coordinate Work, Information, and Knowledge, and the ways to which Administration chooses to coordinate effect. §Managers demand to pay heed to Matter Processes owing they detail how courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved the elevateing can consummate its matter, and thus be a immanent commencement of strategic terminatement or want. OEach relevant Matter emulatency has its own set of Matter modees (such Processes for Product part) still there are manifold matter modees which are cross-functional such as plain realization. OInformation Systems can aid elevateings conclude expanded efficiencies by automating keep-acompetency of these modees or by abetting Organizations reproject and streamlining them. OFirms can behove over pliable and fertile by coordinating their Matter Processes air-tight, and in some cases, integrating thesePprocesses so they are focused on fertile administration of media and customer employment. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUMMARY 2. Inhale the Instruction Systems buttrescackle the relevant matter emulatency At each roll of Organization, Instruction Systems buttress the relevant Functional areas of the Business OSales and Marketing Systems §Help the customary identify Customers for customary’s Products or Services, §Develop Products and Services to parte Customer's demands §Promote the Products and Services §Sell the Result and Services §Provide ongoing Customer buttress OManufacturing and Product Systems §Deals delay Product Planning §Development §Production of Products and Services §Control the course of Product MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUMMARY OFinance and Accounting Systems §Keeps customary’s Financial property and capital courses OHuman Media Systems §Maintain Employee history §Track Employee skills, Job deed, and Training Buttress planning for Employee allowance and course outgrowth MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUMMARY 3. Evaluate the Role Played by System Serving the Multiform Levels of Administration in Matter and their homogeneity to each other. OThere are four relevant symbols of Instruction Systems in synchronous elevateings serving: OOperational Administration OMiddle Administration OSenior Administration 1. Action Procescackle Systems (TPS) Promote Operational Administration . Such as Payroll or Plain Procescackle Systems that trace the course of daily manage actions regular to commence matter. 2. Administration Instruction Systems (MIS) Provide Middle administration delay reports and congruousity to the elevateing’s ordinary deed and literal history. Most MIS reports curtail instruction from TPS and are not extremely analytical. Loading... MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUMMARY 3. Redisintegration Buttress Systems (DSS) DSS buttresss Administration resolutions when these resolutions are sole, speedily changing, and not scant abundantly in slow. DSS possess over slow Analytical models and Facts decomcollocation capabilities than MIS and repeatedly inhale on instruction from outer as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved as inner commencements. . Executive Buttress Systems (ESS) Buttress Executive Administration by providing facts of expandedest weight to main Administration Redisintegration begetrs, repeatedly in the shape of graphs and charts give-uped via portals. ESS possess scant Analytical capabilities but can inhale on questionable graphics Software and manifold commencements of inner and outer instruction. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUMMARY 4. Elucidate how Enterprise Applications and Intranets promotes Matter Mode Integration and better elevateingal deed Enterprise Applications These Systems are calculated to buttress elevateingal expanded mode coordination and integration so that the elevateing can effect fertilely; Such Enterprise Systems are: OEnterprise Systems OSupply Chain Administration Systems OCustomer Homogeneity Systems OKnowledge Administration Systems Enterprise Systems Span multiple emulatency and matter modees and may be tied to the Matter Processes of other elevateings Enterprise Systems mix the key inner Matter Processes of a customary into a individual Software System so that instruction can course throughout the elevateing, befitting Coordination, teachableness, and Redisintegration making. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUMMARY Supply Chain Administration Systems Aid the customary manipulate its homogeneity delay supplier to optimize the Planning, Sourcing, Manufacturing, and Delivering of Products and Services. Customer Homogeneity Administration Uses Instruction Systems to coordinate all the Matter Processes extreme the customary’s interactions delay its Customers to optimize customary’s Revenue and Customer remuneration Conversance Administration Systems Enable customarys to optimize the myth, sharing, and disposal of conversance to better Matter Processes and Administration resolutions Intranets and Extranets twain use Internet technology and standards to call-concertedly instruction from multiform Systems and confer-upon it to the User in a Web page shapeat. Extranets beget portions of peculiar municipal Intranets conducive to beyond. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUMMARY 5. Asses the role of Instruction Systems Part in a Matter The Instruction Systems Division is the shapeal Organizational part chargeable on for IT Services. The IS Division is chargeable on for maintaining the Computer Hardware, Software, Facts Storage, and Neteffect that imply the customary’s IT Infrastructure. The Division is insisted of Specialists, such as Software Engineers, Systems Analysts, Programmers, Project Web Designers, Project Managers, Systems Managers and is repeatedly headed by a Chief Executive Officer (CIO). Alternative ways of Organizing the IT Part –A very narrow audience allure not possess a shapeal IS assembly. –Larger Companies allure possess a disunited IS Department. •Each Functional Area of the Matter may possess its own IS Department, overseen by a CIO. •The IT part may be run as a disunited Division congruous to other Functional division Very Abundant companies delay multiple Divisions and Result Lines possess an Instruction System division for each Division reporting to a eminent-roll Convenient Instruction Systems assembly and CIO. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUMMARY (LECTURE NOTES 3 - Instruction Systems, Organizations and Strategies) 1. Identify and inhale features of elevateings that manipulaters demand to perceive encircling in plain to set-up and use Instruction Systems terminatementfully. Managers demand to recognize regular requisite features to set-up and use Instruction Systems terminatementfully. All new Organizations are clerical, appropriateized, and, unfavorable, ucackle manifest manages to maximize teachableness. All Organizations possess their cultivation and Politics aricackle from differences in curiosity-behalf assemblys, and they are forced by their extreme environment. Organizations differs in goals, assemblys promoted, political roles, example styles, incentives, symbols of tasks consummated, and symbol elevateing. These features aid elucidate differences in elevateing's use of Instruction Systems. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUMMARY 2. Evaluate the impression of Instruction Systems on Organizations Information Systems and the Organizations in which they are used interact delay and swing each other. The portico of a new Instruction System allure feign Organizational Structure, goals, Effect project, prizes, Race betwixt curiosity-behalf assemblys, Redisintegration making, and day-to-day behaviour. At the selfselfsame occasion, Instruction Systems must be calculated to promote the demands of relevant elevateingal assemblys and allure be shaped by the elevateing’s elevateing, tasks, goals, cultivation, Politics, and Management. IT can contract action and operation absorbs, and such shifts possess been accentuated in Organizations cackle the Internet. Information Systems are air-tight intertwined delay an elevateing’s elevateing, Culture, and Matter Processes. New Systems disrupts customary patterns of effect and strength homogeneitys. So there is repeatedly abundant opcollocation to them when they are introduced. The tangled homogeneity betwixt Instruction Systems, Organizational deed, and Redisintegration making must be carefully manipulated. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUMMARY 3. Demonstrate how Porter’s Competitive Forces Model and the Prize Chain Model aid Businesses use Instruction Systems for Competitive Advantage. The Strategic collocation of the customary, and its strategies, are detaild by race delay its oral plain competitors but besides they are expandedly forced by: –New negotiate entrants, –Substitute results and employments, –Suppliers, –Customers. Instruction Systems aid companies emulate by maintaining low absorb, incongruousiating results or employments, focucackle on negotiate niche, fortification ties delay Customer and Suppliers, and increacackle barriers to negotiate initiation delay eminent rolls of Operational excellentity. The Prize Chain Model eminentlights restricted activities in the matter where Competitive strategies and Instruction Systems allure possess the expandedest impression. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUMMARY The Porter’s Competitive Forces Model views the customary as a terminatemention of pristine and buttress activities that add prize to a customary’s results or employments. Pristine activities are plainly kindred to resultion and disposal, when-in-fact buttress activities beget the gift of pristine activities potential. A Firm’s Prize Chain can be coupleed to that prize chains of its Suppliers, Distributors, and Customers. A Prize Web insist of Instruction Systems that augment competitiveness at the Industry roll by promoting the use of standards and industry-expanded consortia, and by enabling matteres to effect over fertilely delay their prize keep-apartners. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUMMARY 4. Demonstrate how Instruction Systems aid Matter use Synergies, Centre Competences, and Network-established Strategies to conclude Competitive Advantages. Because customarys insists multiple matter parts, Instruction Systems conclude affixed efficiencies or augmentd employments by troublesome concertedly the operations of ill-assorted matter parts. Instruction Systems aid matteres leverage their centre emulatences by promoting the sharing of conversance opposing matter parts. Instruction Systems dispose Matter Models established on abundant Networks of Networks to couple to other customarys so that a audience can use the capabilities of other companies to concertedly to give-up prize to the customer. Information Systems buttress a consolidated Neteffect of interactioms unordered the keep-aparticipating customarys. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUMMARY 5. Asses the dares posed by Strategic Instruction Systems and Administration disintegrations. Implementing Strategic Systems repeatedly requires comprehensive elevateingal shift and a transition from one Sociotechnical roll to another. •Such shifts are named Strategic Transitions and are repeatedly troublesome and burdensome to conclude. Moreover, not all Strategic Systems are desirable, and they can be valuable to set-up. Many Strategic Instruction Systems are abundantly copied by other customarys so that strategic practice is not regularly sustainable. A strategic Systems Decomcollocation is aidful. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUMMARY (LECTURE NOTES 4 – Foundations of Matter Intelligence) 1. Evaluate Tools and Technologies for providing Instruction from Databases to better Matter Deed and Redisintegration making. Powerful tools are conducive to dissect and congruousity the Instruction in Databases. A Facts treasury consolidates ordinary and literal facts from manifold incongruous Operational Systems in a convenient Database calculated for reporting and Analysis. Data Treasury buttress multidimensional facts decomposition, besides perceiven as Online Analytical Procescackle (OLAP). OLAP plays homogeneitys unordered facts as a multidimensional elevateing, which can be visualized as cubes of facts and cubes delayin cubes of facts, enabling over questionable Facts Analysis. Facts Mining dissects abundant pools of facts, including the solution of Facts Warehouses, to confront patterns and rules that can be used to prophesy advenient behaviour and Redisintegration making. Conventional Databases can be coupleed via Middleware to the Web or a Web interface to dispose user congruousity to an elevateing’s inner facts, . MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUMMARY 2. Asses the role of Instruction Policy, Facts Administration, and Facts condition presumption in the Administration of Organizational Facts media. Developing a Database environment requires Policies and Procedures for managing Organizational facts as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved as a good-natured-natured Facts Model and Database Technology. A shapeal Instruction Policy manage the Maintenance, Distribution, and use of Instruction in the elevateing. In a abundant corporations, a shapeal Facts Administration part is chargeable on for Instruction Policy, as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved as for facts Planning, Facts Dictionary outgrowth, and monitoring facts exercitation in the customary. Facts that are defective, spoilt, or silly beget important Operational and Financial wholes for matter owing they may beget inaccuracies in Result pricing, Customer accounts, and Inventory facts, and leads to defective resolutions encircling the actions that should be fascinated by the customary. Firms must assume appropriate steps to beget knowing they possess a eminent roll of Facts condition. These include ucackle Enterprise-expanded Facts Standards, Databases calculated to minimize silly and overflowing facts, Facts Condition Audits, and Facts Cleancackle Software. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS SUMMARY (LECTURE NOTES 5 – IT Infrabuilding and Emerging Technologies)