Reflection Essay on Electronic Voting Machine

Interopen Journal of Notice and Electronics Engineering, Vol. 3, No. 2, March 2013 A Preview on Microleader Grounded Electronic Voting Channel Diponkar Paul and Sobuj Kumar Ray, Member, IACSIT Abstract—Voting is most pivotal arrangement of subversive company through which populace state it’s council. Governments about the globe are increasingly regarding the reanimation of unwritten tractate-grounded voting machinations delay electronic voting orders. Elections of Bangladesh are spended most exclusively using electronic voting channels patent clear aggravate the spent three years. In this tractate we explain the project, composition and enjoyment of a digital voting channel using a microleader profoundly. Repeatedly we too paint estimateing order of opinions, barconstitute superintend and absorb decomposition. Index Terms—Voting order, atmega16l microcontroller, voting decomposition, warranty of EVM. I. INTRODUCTION Voting is a exact order to divulge the impression of a order on an offspring that is inferior inducement. Grounded on the pledge of superior e? iency, emend scalability, faster accelerate, inferior absorb, and further freedom, voting is floatingly mutation from manual tractate-grounded arrangementing to automate electronic-grounded arrangementing. The order “electronic voting” symptomistically depicts to the use of some electronic media in voting and determine the warranty, reliability, answer-for and transferency[1],[2]. Now a day the ample concatenate of collision of voting involve its use in verity scholar association satisfactions, shareholder meetings, and the latter of congress in legislation. Perhaps the most imported, in? ential, publicised, and amplespread use of voting is its use in open satisfactions. Compared to its unwritten tractate-grounded twin, electronic voting is considered to accept numerous superior immanent bene? ts. These bene? ts involve emend chastenness by eliminating the privative content of cosmical fault, emend coverage for foreign colonizations, growthd accelerate for correspond inference, inferior enjoymental absorb through automated media, and the freedom of voting from any colonization Whether or not electronic voting is a requisite reanimation for the unwritten tractate-grounded way, it is irrefutcogent that the spend of voting as been mutation to the use of electronic balance. To bound, electronic factsbases are used to proceedings appointer notice, computers are used to estimate the opinions and yield voting outcomes, ductile orders are used for voting in interlocomotive television shows, and electronic voting channels accept been used in some open satisfactions. Generally, the order “electronic voting” refers to the de? nition, collation, and dissemination of populace’s impressions delay the aid of some channelry that is further or hither computer befriended. Despite Manuscript common August 15, 2012; revised October 12, 2012. The authors are delay the Province Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Globe University of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh (e-mail: [email protected] com, [email protected] edu. sg) the transition from unwritten tractate-grounded orders to electronic balance, the point and insist-uponments for voting abide. Voting is a conclusion making contrivance in a consensus-grounded company and warranty is in-truth an imported divorce of voting. The exact role in determining the product of an satisfaction, electronic voting orders should be projected and patent clear delay the principal caution. However, a estimate of new-fangled studies accept shown that most of the electronic voting orders life used today are facorrespond wanting [3], [4], [5] and that their nature does not mate the moment of the subordinatetaking that they are deemed to heave out. Flaws in floating voting orders, which were discovered through testing and other decomposition techniques, accept stimulated a estimate of elaboration endeavors to tranquillize the examples in deployed voting orders. These endeavors focused on ameliorating warranty primitives, such as the storage of opinions [6], [7] and auditing [8], and on contriveally assessing and making procedures further operative [9], [10]. Finally, the standards that set the administrative and deed insist-uponments athwart which the orders are patent clear, tested, and own-effectd accept frequently been endow to be not-alike [11], [12], [13]. Among the reasons for regret, critics involve lax and faulty warranty guidelines, irregular documentation insist-uponments, and not-alike descriptions of the figure of retail software. An electronic voting channel has been projected by a microleader for which the adjudication is written in constellation discourse. Various adjudication guard machinations positive by the manufacturer of the microleader are used to forefend careless or unbiased lection and multifariousness of the adjudication embraceed in the microcontroller. The satisfenjoyment facts embraceed in the EEPROM of the microleader can downentrust into a accessible computer for tabulations. The warranty of facts in this computer is enforced by generating digital attestations for each facts smooth created. This arrangement makes it impracticcogent for anyone to minister injustice or unbiasedly altered facts smooths at any middle limit among the capturing of appointer’s eager by the channel and the conclusive outcomes tabulations. Prior to the satisfaction, all con? guration facts is set up on the estimateing server. The con? guration is then infectious to the chance-box server. Con? guration facts involve: candibound names, polling business oneness, and a catalogue of barcodes. During the voting duration, appointers are attested as per the unwritten tractate-grounded voting, and asked whether they aim to opinion electronically or use the unwritten tractate-grounded way. A appointer choosing to use the unwritten tractate-grounded way proceeds by life consecrated a chance tractate, casting the opinion on the chance tractate, and placing the chance tractate in a chance-box. On the other achievementman, a baradjudication is chosen at casual and is consecrated to the appointer choosing to use eVACS. Appointer authorisation on the electronic voting booth computer is by 185 DOI: 10. 7763/IJIEE. 2013. V3. 295 Interopen Journal of Notice and Electronics Engineering, Vol. 3, No. 2, March 2013 using the barcode. The electronic voting booth computer communicates the baradjudication to the chance-box server for validation and to tell that the voting arrangement is initiating. Upon validation of an weakly barcode, the chance-box server income an fault intimation to the voting booth computer. Otherwise, the chance-box server income the equipollent of a chance-tractate embraceing the names of aspirants to the voting booth computer. The appointer may choice the aspirants in a divorceicular satisfenjoyment ordering, and reset-on-foot or perfect their ssatisfenjoyment afterwards. The ssatisfenjoyment is unfolded on the mitigate forcon? rmation, and the appointer is distinguishn to diversify or con? rm their choiceion. The voting booth computer income a premonition consecrated weakly ssatisfenjoyment or tellal opinion, at-last casting weakly or tellal opinion is distinguishn. The appointer con? ms the ssatisfenjoyment by using the barcode, and twain the opinion and a log of key posteriority inculcateed are then transmitted to the chance-box server. The chance-box server checks that the identical baradjudication is used to arise the server estimates the opinions, and yields a voting outcome. II. HARDWARE DEVELOPMENT OF ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINE Fig. 1. Block diagram of digital voting order Fig 2. Tour diagram of the digital voting order A. Tour Description The exalted raze digital voting channel built delay ATmega16 Micro transferer. The Micro transferer deportment D uses for LCD unfold and deportment C. (pin 22) uses for voting sway or presiding officials nothing. The candided nothing input from Deportment C. 1 – C. 4 (pin 23 to 26; 4 candided). The output LED and buzzer uses Micro transferer deportment C. 5 and C. 6. The LCD backunthoughtful too alike to deportment C. 7 via a transistor. At the set-on-footing of voting the satisfenjoyment trust offices setup the channel at the centre. Then sway on the switch and sealed it that noassociation can sway off. The presiding official identifies the pristine appointer of that divorceicular area and thrustes the voting sway nothing. The voting sway LED interpretation then and hold it until uninterruptedly inculcate the candided nothings. The appointer then goes to the latent comby where Voting deal-out situated and inculcate nothing individualizationally his candided order. Appointer can wake victory of voting by interpretationing approval LED and beep establishment. The presiding official can too heed beep probe wake a approval LED. Identical date the voting sway goes down and noassociation can opinion repeatedly. Mainly when presiding official inculcate voting sway nothing, Micro transferer set-on-foot scanning from pin 23 to pin 26. When get solution from a favoring pin, growth the estimateer one of that candided and seal scanning. So it is not practiccogent to voting twice or further. All the estimateer outcome shop at Micro transferer EEPROM. When the voting is inferior arrangement it achieve showed at unfold “Voting inferior Process”. At the end of voting we demand to distinguish outcome. Then satisfenjoyment trust or presiding official inculcatees the latent key (password). Now the Micro transferer shows the outcome and minister the sway to LCD backunthoughtful that it illuminated. If it demands to yield voting arrangement repeatedly one should inculcate another latent key. There uses a transistor to own-chattels buzzer and approval LED delay appropriate floating. There too uses a voltage manager (7805) to minister 5v unintermittently. Here uses a dry cell 9V battery as sway beginning. The sway lessening of the order is very low (50mW150mW varying). After calm facts and demand blot proceedingsed facts from EEPROM righteous tedious the sealed on sway nothing and sway off the order. Now the order is free for proximate satisfaction. This measurement Order involves the aftercited contents: • Voting Deal-out • Restrain Deal-out • Approval Deal-out • Unfold Deal-out (LCD) • Sway Minister Deal-out B. Voting Deal-out Fig. 3. Output tour diagram of the digital voting order Fig. 4. Voting 186 Interopen Journal of Notice and Electronics Engineering, Vol. 3, No. 2, March 2013 Fig. 5. Approval deal-out In this Voting deal-out we accept been used five nothing switch and five 2. 2K? resister which alike to the five nothing switches. C. Buzzer A buzzer or beeper is an audio remarkableing order, which may be endeavorless, electroeffortless or piezoelectric. Typical uses of buzzers and beepers involve frighten orders. These orders are output transducers converting electrical ardor. As sway is applied this endeavorless order achieve energize and by doing so disafter a while the sway beginning and the cycle hold until the sway is removed. The abundance of vibration is strictly contingent on endeavorless inertia. The piezo buzzer yields probe grounded on modify of the piezoelectric chattels. The origination of inculcateure exception or tighten by the collision of electric immanent resisting a piezoelectric representative is the inferiorlying truth. These buzzers can be used prompt a user of an episode selfidentical to a switching enjoyment, estimateer remarkcogent or sensor input. They are too used in frighten tours. The buzzer yields a identical loud probe irrespective of the voltage exception applied to it. It consists of piezo crystals among two spendors. When a immanent is applied resisting these crystals, they thrust on one spendor and draw on the other. This, thrust and draw enjoyment, outcomes in a probe wave. Most buzzers yield probe in the concatenate of 2 to 4 kHz. The Red transfer is alike to the Input and the Black transfer is alike to Ground. D. Unthoughtful Emitting Diode (LED) A unthoughtful-emitting diode (LED) is a semipresident unthoughtful beginning. LEDs are used as indicator lamps in numerous orders and are increasingly used for other unthoughtfuling. Introduced as a available electronic content in 1962, existing LEDs emitted low-intensity red unthoughtful, but new-fashioned versions are helpful resisting the conspicuous, ultraviolet, and infrared wavelengths, delay very exalted lucidity. When a unthoughtful-emitting diode is forward-biased (switched on), electrons are cogent to recombine delay electron holes delayin the order, releasing ardor in the contrive of photons. This chattels is sketchated electroluminescence and the falsification of the unthoughtful (selfidentical to the ardor of the photon) is stated by the ardor gap of the semiconductor. LEDs are frequently minute in area (hither than 1 mm2), and integrated optical contents may be used to arrange its radiation model. LEDs offer numerous customs aggravate incandescent unthoughtful beginnings including inferior ardor lessening, longer arrangeation, 187 mproved robustness, minuteer dimension, and faster switching. LEDs swayful abundance for comby unthoughtfuling are relatively dear and insist-upon further explicit floating and warmth address than amalgamate fluorescent lamp beginnings of comparcogent output. Light-emitting diodes are used in collisions as separate as reanimations for aviation unthoughtfuling, automotive unthoughtfuling (in divorceicular thicket lamps, incline remarkables, and indicators) as polite-behaved-behaved as in commerce remarkables. LEDs accept distinguishn new citation, video unfolds, and sensors to be patent clear, duration their exalted switching rates are too available in tardy communications technology. Infrared LEDs are too used in the foreign restrain deal-outs of numerous retail products including televisions, DVD players, and other domiciliary appliances E. Leader Deal-out A restrain deal-out in open is a accessible divorce of the channelry that restrains its enjoyment, granted that a ownnioicipation of channelry is abstruse and arranged abundance to embrace any such deal-out. One estate in which the order is favoringally used is the area of computer project. In this achievement Microleader ATMEGA 16L is used as the transferer deal-out which restrains the sensed remarkable. A sole exaltedly integrated driblet that embraces all the contents comprising a transferer. Typically this involves a CPU, RAM, some contrive of ROM, I/O deportments, and daters. Unlike a open-point computer, which too involves all of these contents, a microleader is projected for a very favoring subordinatetaking -- to restrain a divorceicular order. As a outcome, the divorces can be simplified and poor, which cuts down on product absorbs. Microcontrollers are casually sketchated embedded microcontrollers, which righteous moderation that they are divorce of an embedded order that is, one divorce of a larger order or order. F. Sway Minister Deal-out Sway minister is a very imported divorce of electronic tour this tour insist-upond unroving +5 V minister so to fix this voltage we demanded voltage manager. In this achievement used 7805 Voltage manager which output unroving +5 volt. A voltage manager breeds a unroving output voltage of a preset body that abides continuous regardhither of diversifys to its input voltage or entrust provisos. There are two types of voltage managers: straight and switching. A straight manager employs an locomotive (BJT or MOSFET) by order (rotation or shunt) restrainled by a exalted constitute be-unlikeential amplifier. It compares the output voltage delay a explicit allusion voltage and adjusts the by order to restrain a continuous output voltage. G. Unfold Deal-out Unfold order shown the outcome of the measuring muniment. A bystander can see the outcome and perceive-keep the temperature of electrical channel. In this achievement we used a 2x16 symptom LCD (LM016L) unfold. A popular crystal unfold (LCD) is a diluted, insipid electronic visual unfold that uses the unthoughtful modulating appropriateties of popular crystals. H. Printed Tour Table A printed tour table, or PCB, is used to endeavorlessly Interopen Journal of Notice and Electronics Engineering, Vol. 3, No. 2, March 2013 supdeportment and electrically after a while electronic contents using spendive pathways, tracks or remarkcogent traces etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. It is too referred to as printed wiring table (PWB) or etched wiring table. A PCB assiduous delay electronic contents is a printed tour constellation (PCA), too distinguishn as a printed tour table constellation (PCBA). Printed tour tables are used in virtually all but the implest retailly yieldd electronic orders. PCBs are low-priced, and can be exaltedly reliable. They insist-upon fur further layout endeavor and exalteder primal absorb than either wire muffle or point-to-point composition, but are fur cheaper and faster for exalted-volume product; the product and soldering of PCBs can be effected by automated equipment. Fur of the electronics industry's PCB project, constellation, and nature restrain demands are set by standards that are published by the IPC structure. Pin descriptions of ATmaga16L Microleader VCC: Digital minister voltage. GND: Ground. Deportment B (PB7... PB0) Deportment B is an 8-bit bi-directional I/O deportment delay inner draw-up resistors (separated for each bit). The Deportment B output buffers accept regular instigate symptomistics delay twain exalted attenuate and beginning faculty. As inputs, Deportment B pins that are outside drawed low achieve beginning floating if the draw-up resistors are activated. The Deportment B pins are tri-stated when a reset proviso becomes locomotive, flush if the clock is not popular. Deportment B too serves the unction’s of be-unlikeent specific features of the ATmega16. Deportment C (PC7... PC0) Deportment C is an 8-bit bi-directional I/O deportment delay inner draw-up resistors (separated for each bit). The Deportment C output buffers accept regular instigate symptomistics delay twain exalted attenuate and beginning faculty. As inputs, Deportment C pins that are outside drawed low achieve beginning floating if the draw-up resistors are activated. The Deportment C pins are tri-stated when a reset proviso becomes locomotive, flush if the clock is not popular. If the JTAG interface is enabled, the draw-up resistors on pins PC5 (TDI), PC3 (TMS) and PC2 (TCK) achieve be activated flush if a reset occurs. Port C too serves the functions of the JTAG interface and other specific features of the ATmega16. Deportment D (PD7... PD0) Deportment D is an 8-bit bi-directional I/O deportment delay inner draw-up resistors (separated for each bit). The Deportment D output buffers accept regular instigate symptomistics delay twain exalted attenuate and beginning faculty. As inputs, Deportment D pins that are outside drawed low achieve beginning floating if the draw-up resistors are activated. The Deportment D pins are tri-stated when a reset proviso becomes locomotive, flush if the clock is not popular. Deportment D too serves the functions of be-unlikeent specific features of the ATmega16. Port A (PA7... PA0) Deportment A serves as the analog inputs to the A/D Converter. Deportment A too serves as an 8-bit bi-directional I/O deportment, if the A/D Converter is not used. Deportment pins can contribute inner draw-up resistors (separated for each bit). The Deportment A output buffers accept regular instigate symptomistics delay twain exalted attenuate and beginning faculty. When pins PA0 to PA7 are used as inputs and are outside drawed low, they achieve beginning floating if the inner draw-up resistors are activated. The Deportment A pins are tri-stated when a reset proviso becomes locomotive, flush if the clock is not popular. RESET Reset Input. A low raze on this pin for longer than the insufficiency pulse extension achieve breed a reset, flush if the clock is not popular. Shorter pulses are not answer-ford to breed a reset. AVCC Fig. 6. Printed tour table (pcb) of this voting order I. Pin Configurations Discription Fig. 7. Pin figure of Atmega16L microcontroller[14] AVCC is the minister voltage pin for Deportment A and the A/D Converter. It should be outside alike to VCC, flush if 188 Interopen Journal of Notice and Electronics Engineering, Vol. 3, No. 2, March 2013 he ADC is not used. If the ADC is used, it should be alike to VCC through a low-by percolate AREF AREF is the analog allusion pin for the A/D Converter. III. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT FOR ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINE Flowchart of Program: user. In twain of the orders that we analyzed, we endow elder warranty vulnerabilities that could compledge the confidentiality, conscientiousness, and availability of the voting arrangement. The outcomes of our examine insinuate that there is a demand for a complete diversify in the way in which electronic orders are projected, patent clear, and tested. Researchers, practitioners, and rule makers demand to settle newlight testing advancees that use into acestimate the uncommon notice issue of these orders, as polite-behaved-behaved as the coalition of computer warranty contrivances and natural procedures requisite to contribute a exalted raze of presumption. Electronic voting software is not immune from warranty regreted. Here we explain Hack-a-vote, a simplified DRE voting order that we primally patent clear to teach how self-possessed it sway be to suggest a Trojan charger into a voting order. In event of a disagreement, there either must be a row delay the renewed casual estimate. But delayout a symptom of the appointer or the alignment notice on the chance and on the voucher must be-unlike. The establishment consists either of a row embraceing the renewed casual estimate but no symptom delayout divulgeing which row this is or the establishment consists of the two be-unlikeing alignment bar adjudications delayout showing the symptom at all. After the divulgation of the vouchers the site is akin to the tractate grounded machinations overhead as the appointer possesses a chasten voucher as electronic averment. In individualization to using unforgivcogent vouchers delay a specific tractate one can appropriate a trusted printer embraceing a driblet card this printer could accept the driblet card and print the attestation to the voucher. Having two in contingent ways to ascertaind voucher to be not a falsification is a big custom. REFERENCES D. Balzarotti, G. Banks, M. Cova, V. Felmetsger, R. A. Kemmerer, W. Robertson, F. Valeur, and G. Vigna, “An Experience in Testing the Warranty of Real-World Electronic Voting Systems,” IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, vol. 36, no. 4, 2010. [2] A. Villa? orita and K. Weldemariam, and R. Tiella, “Development, Formal Veri? ation, and Evaluation of an E-Voting Order delay VVPAT,” IEEE Transactions on Notice Forensics and Security, vol. 4, no. 4, 2009. [3] Y. D. Wagner, M. Bishop, T. Baker, B. D. Medeiros, G. Tyson, M. Shamos, and M. 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RESULTS AND ANALYSIS This achievement contributed to three very basic elaboration questions arising: in the concitation of verificogent satisfactions. First, we discussed the example of guardianship chance solitude to a regular range in the event of a corrupted empty channel or voting warrant. Our offering to this is an advance where all latent notice is encapsulated in the voting channel. Second, we considered the assault of voucher robbery and composition of the selfidentical opinions. Here we designed a newlight advance of continuity all vouchers by a hash manacle such that each sole voucher guards the conscientiousness of all vouchers offspringd previously. Together delay a unfold in the polling situate this advance shortens the date window in which an foe can percontrive the chance robbery assault delayout closely naught expose. Third, we discussed in particular the possibility of contesting an satisfenjoyment grounded on the averment granted by the verificogent satisfenjoyment machination. We compared the site for Bingo Voting to the averment granted by tractate grounded machinations. We shortly sketched an advance to ascertain an fault or a composition in the voting booth delayout violating chance solitude. However, this was barely a establishment of concept and for a available collision the usability of this advance demands to be further improved. V. CONCLUSION As divorce of these exercises, we bequeathed a testing wayology, patent clear new tools that are favoringally tailored to the warranty decomposition of these orders, and knowing a estimate of hitherons, all of which should be of use to other 189 Interopen Journal of Notice and Electronics Engineering, Vol. 3, No. 2, March 2013 [12] M. Gondree, P. Wheeler, and D. D. Figueiredo, “A Critique of the 2002 FEC VSPT E-Voting Standards,” Technical declaration, Univ. of California, 2005. [13] R. Mercuri. Voting Order Guidelines Comments. [Online]. Available: http:// www. wheresthepaper. org/VVSGComment. pdf, 2005. [Online]. Available: [14] Atmel. http://www. atmel. com/Images/doc2466. pdf Mr. Diponkar Paul is floatingly achievementing as Assistant Professor in the province of Electrical and Electronic engineering at Globe University of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh (www. wub. edu. bd ). After latter his overability range from March 2008 he was serving as Assistant Professor, EEE at Bangladesh University upto July 2010. He is having qualifications: B. Sc. Engg. , DISM (software engineering), M. Sc. Engg. His elaboration interests are in the area of ardor conversions, sway order modeling and tardy restrain theories crust the collision of IT. From 0ct 2004 to July 2006, he was achievementing as Lecturer in province of computer expertness and engineering at Pundra University of expertness & technology, Bogra. In Singapore during his overability dgree at Nanyang technological university, he was implicated in financial benefit enjoyment integrated to IT order administration jobs from Dec 2006 to February 2008. Mr. Sobuj Kumar Ray was born in 1987, Bogra, Bangladesh. Mr. Ray common his Bachelor range in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET), Rajshahi, Bangladesh in April 2010. He is now Assistant Manager (Technical) in DESCO. Mr. Ray achievemented at Inner University of Business Agriculture and Technology in the province of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Dhaka, Bangladesh (www. iubat. edu) from 12th July 2010 to 1st October, 2012. He is fiery on elaborationer on restrain order and Sway System. 190