Reflection Essay on Accounting Information Systems Solution Trial Exam

Exam Name MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one resource that best completes the declaration or answers the doubt. 1) Which of the forthcoming emblems of organizing the notice classifications administration would you be most likely to experience in a weak association after a while 20 employees? _______ A) represented after a whilein each superior disruption of the association B) as departments after a whilein each administrational area C) as a unconnected, centralized department D) none of the above 2) Decisions that are choice, astride changing, and not amply ascertained in proceeding are best beneficial to which emblem of classification? ______ A) MIS B) ESS C) DSS D) TPS 3) Buying or selling commodities aggravate the Internet is determined _______ A) an extranet. B) an intranet. C) e-business. D) e-commerce. 4) ________ uses a set of integrated impressions to discourse all aspects of the customer connection. _______ A) MIS B) CLE C) CRM D) CLU 5) You exertion for a extremely fortunate advertiser that is impartial encircling to extend nationally. Of remotest significance gain be experienceing a way to shop and promulgate their clients' unceasingly updated branding guides, which conceive multiple vision files and citation documents, to all of the decided's branches. What classification gain best answer these needs?  _______ A) an extranet after a while KMS capabilities B) a CRM C) a TPS after a while KMS capabilities D) an intranet after a while KMS capabilities 6) Which emblem of classification would you use to foretaste the give-back on siege if you used new suppliers after a while rectify introduction way registers? _______ A) MIS B) ESS C) DSS D) TPS 7) The Smart Site Solution classification used by Johnny's Lunch to acceleration condecided the best locations to known new franchises is best categorized as a_______ A) POS classification B) KMS C) CRM D) DSS 8)Which of the forthcoming occupations would NOT be categorized as an "interaction" job? _______ A) engineer B) inteinterval supervisor C) operations supervisor D) sales representative 9) The CPO is legitimate for  _______ A) aggravateseeing the use of notice technology in the decided. B) making rectify use of material attainments in structureal and treatment processes. C) ensuring that the association complies after a while material basis retirement laws. D) enforcing the decided's notice bond superintendence. 10) Decision-support classifications are frequently referred to as inteinterval ________ classifications.  ______ A) analysis B) intelligence C) notice D) modeling 11) An notice classification for ________ would NOT be categorized as a KMS.  ______ A) distributing documents B) documenting the expertise of association specialists C) discovering new sales channels for a consequence D) enabling the clue of new consequence impressions 12) What is the most considerable administration of an achievement impression? ______ A) enabling a association to exertion collaboratively after a while customers and suppliers B) enabling inteinterval administrations and departments to distribute notice C) increasing the accelerate of communicating D) enabling cost-effective e-inteinterval processes 13) The highest liaison betwixt the notice classifications groups and the interval of the structure is a(n) ______ A) CTO. B) classifications analyst. C) programmer. D) notice classifications supervisor. SHORT ANSWER. Write the account or peculiarity that best completes each declaration or answers the doubt. The ________ administration is legitimate for tempting, developing, and maintaining the decided's exertionforce. _____________ TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the declaration is gentleman and 'F' if the declaration is mendacious. ESSs are planned chiefly to explain unfair problems. ______ Decision-support classifications acceleration supervisors perform decisions that are choice, astride changing, and not amply ascertained in proceeding.  ______ ESSs are planned to answer the average treatment of the structure. ______ Operational treatment is legitimate for directing the day-to-day operations of the inteinterval and for-this-reason needs transaction-level notice.  ______ Decision-support classifications use interior notice as courteous as notice from outer sources. ______