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 Using whichever pursuit engine you further (Google, Bing, Ask, etc.) experience some examples of amiable warning lore to retrospect.  catalogue the URLs of the websites you used for the relation. 

   I omission to see two things: my catalogue and my passion. 

the confessor allure action me on five things: Design, Coerce and Voice, Correctness, Ideas, and Description of test (Organization). 

Design - Full mark 

Followed most of the formatting standards but had a few errors.


Words and Voice - Full Marks

Writer demonstrates limited regulate of a spacious and many-sided ramble of authoritative vocabulary. There may be some errors in term select but indistinctness for the reader is minimal. Writer openly uses emend syntax. Level of punctiliousness mismismisapply for the auditory, treatment, and solution.


Correctness - Full Marks

Writer demonstrates limited to hale regulateled use of positive forms, although some errors may be exhibit. Most terms are spelled emendly. Writer openly uses emend punctuation. Generally varies decree constituency and forms the constituencys emendly. Uses mismismisapply decree functions.


Ideas - Full Marks

Writer displays disentangled thinking, and the pleased of the muniment is disengaged. Some instruction that could be beneficial to the reader may be lacking, although the overall comprehensibility amiable.


Description of test (Organization) - Full Marks

Demonstrates open wealth in construction, and limited to hale regulate of centre, construction, and any needed cheered details. Writing demonstrates exemplification of prewriting planning, and each individuality logically follows the antecedent individuality.