Recognizing the impact of diversity on the workplace

BANKS Industries continues to fruit on bridging cultural gaps as it embraces the variation that resulted from its merger. You entertain been asked to enlarge a new variation prudence and trailing train for your team to succor employees acknowledge the collision of variation in the fruitplace.  

Using the module balbutiations, the Argosy University online library contrivances, and the Internet, accord to the forthcoming: 

•Design a endowment that you gain use to give your trailing intentions to your superintendent and the HR province. 

•Include a determination of variation, a term of the cultural issues you signify to cover, strategies you gain use to bear the communication, and the outcomes you await.  

Be indisputable to embrace the forthcoming in your endowment: 

•A designation slide 

•A regard slide 

•Headings for whole slide 

•Notes to assistance the gratified on each slide  

Develop a 7–10-slide endowment in PowerPoint format, not including the designation and regard slides. You may regard the balbutiation by Hofstede (2009) as a catalyst for your endowment; so-far, required balbutiations suffice-for singly as a origin for your endowment. Assistance the endowment after a while first exploration and extracts.  

Apply APA standards to extract of sources. Please fruit on your APA formatting of extracts. I entertain supposing the APA contrivance select for you.


By Tuesday February 20, 2018 give-up your assignment to the Submissions Area. 

Hofstede, G. (2009). Geert Hofstede cultural quantity. Retrieved from

Assignment Grading Criteria  & Maximum Points:   

Presented a trailing intention that is defensible in two ways: it can fit a realistic budget and it can be realistically implemented.  32   

Designed a negotiative endowment.  16   

Included unfair notes on suggestive points.  16   

Supported ideas after a while regards and exploration.  16   

Wrote in a manifest, pregnant, and arranged manner; demonstrated intellectual culture in complimentary reendowment and attribution of sources; displayed complimentary spelling, expression, and punctuation.  20   

Total:  100