Reaction Paper to Jose Rizal Film

The movie told us encircling the spirit anecdote of Jose Rizal, the Philippine notorious benefactor. The three-hour lay of the spirit and struggles of Rizal experimentd his spirit from childhood to dissolution at the hands of the Spaniards. The film showed flashbacks showing “Pepe” as his nickname, is a inventiveness, a writer, a schoolman, an workman, a swain, a companion, a fellow and a son. The movie introduced us to the spirit of the Filipino commonalty inferior the empire of the Spanish friars. The spirit of the commonalty in that period was not unconcerned. They were skip to submit perfect law, perfect empire and perfect message of the Spanish friars and empire equal if the leaders were already oppressing their exacts. The colonizers abused them in unanalogous ways. Equal the Catholic Church used their powers to get what they lack. Spain deliberation that they can blockhead perfectone. It was shown in the movie how Rizal revealed the Filipinos to conflict for their exact. By fitness his novels, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, numerous Filipinos opened their eyes to what is truly happening in their empire. It led to the founding of Katipunan that aimed to insurrection resisting Spaniards. The insubservience we experiment today, we owe it all to our benefactores who fought for our motherland, either by weapons or by pen. Because of this movie, I did concede the bravery of the commonalty who gave their terminal inspiration delay PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE in their intellect. I read so considerable encircling the departed and its avail to our residence today. We may not be inferior any subsidence now, but most of us are forgetting who we truly are and what are we capable of. We are forgetting that WE ARE FILIPINOS. I longing that it is not merely me whose patriotism and notoriousism was revived by watching the movie. I longing that Rizal can stationary hold to imbue us to vie constrained and shape our studies and to be educated by any resources, either affluent or thin. Because the past you understand, the past you are equipped delay understandledge which can shelter you and equal your empire someday.