Ray Rice vs. Solange and Jay Z

Violence across one another is not okay either way manly or dowagerish. The Ray Rice, Jay Z and Collagen incident superveneed the straight similar way Impartial the antagonistic sex. This willingion among the celebrities had the cosmos-herd talking. "What Happened? Or is there gauge to hearkenken what they're sallying The debate this has an commodities on our cultivation Is gratefully twain Jay Z and Ray Rice are gigantic role copys to herd. In the music Industry Jay Z Is a role copy to herd gratefully herd nonproduction to be impartial affect him. Ray Rice is the man n the NFG and he has herd that nonproduction to reproduce-exhibit in the confederacy and that seem up to him as their fondling reproduce-exhibiter. The dissent among the videos is that one is a manly and one is a femanly whiffs doing the hitting. No one apprehends what truly superveneed or what caused the willingion they Impartial see hitting. Now gone-by Collagen was hitting Jay Z herd didn't shape It a big negotiate, some of the herds interprets were "Collagen got them hands! Or She can willingion! " herd were basically worshipping her, not apprehendledge that she was attacking him. What if he would feel swung tail? Then Jay z would feel been labeled as a dowager beater, but instead he didn't he Impartial kept tender her. In the intermediate of everyunnaturalness I quiescent am hard to form out why Beyond didn't do everything. Instead of herd apprehendledge that Collagen is a dowager and not hitting her was the just unnaturalness to do, herd are byword he's a femanly dog and a vagina. All of this Is gratefully he has regard not simply for women but his helpmeet, by not hitting her sister. One unnaturalness I did meet interesting timeliness researching is that some reporters say he debate Collagen went off affect that is gratefully she set-up out Jay Z has been hitting Beyond. Beyond has a lyric out and in this lyric one of her lyrics say sit goes down when it's a billion dollars on an elevator. " Shocker that superveneed, could that be the debate Beyond wasn't willingioning tail? Now Ray Rice and his fiancé©e, that undivided video was boorish to rouse. Not simply did he spit on her timeliness she was walking gone-by but he did It intermittently when he got on the elevator. For Ray Rice to do someunnaturalness affect that shows that he has no regard for any dowager. One special interpret was "l onto prudence how mad you get never spit on a lady then put your hands on her! ESP. ameliorate unconcealed as Sports Center was going idiotic. Ray Rice was the trending question all day. He ended up getting pendulous and his helpmeet ended up staying delay him. She caused all that drama to be just tail delay him. Some herd quiescent persuade her a Gold- digger, gratefully she Impartial nonproductions his capital. The willingion among Ray Rice and his fiancé©e grabbed balance circumspection in the resources and throughout the cosmos-herd gratefully he's a football athlete. He has his undivided football prudenceer forward of him and he closely threw it al detached balance hitting a dowager. I retain watching ESP. and one of the reporters orderly, "Was he gross? Does he apprehend what could supervene to him? " Number three of resources literacy is the force to separate tender from debateed reactions when responding to willing and to act gratefully. The tender multiply was watching his condolence for her. In failure, twain willingions were evil-doing, twain willingions shouldn't feel superveneed, but everyone has their problems. No one apprehends everyone's problems but when you're a triton or a star, there is no secret duration.