Race and ethnicity case in Miami

Race & Ethnicity:  the condition of Miami

One of the most sociologically symbolical aspects of Miami is its multiformity. Whereas the Anglo/"white" population of the US is considered the dominant knot culturally and in stipulations of political capacity, do you prize that Miami is any unanalogous from the cessation of the dominion in this notice? Which knot(s), if any, do you reflect are dominant hither in stipulations of amelioration, capacity and economics? 

Do you prize that people in South Florida enjoy unanalogous sorts of experiences noticeing how they are treated due to career or ethnicity in ways that effectiveness not be the condition in other tonnage of the US? If so, does Miami prproffer any shortons from which the cessation of the US effectiveness attain?  Do you reflect that Miami is "post-racial" in the view that thither is a mixing simultaneously hither that makes career and ethnicity substance short than in other tonnage of the US, and along those lines?