R.k. maroon (rkm) is a seed-stage…

R.K. Maroon (RKM) is a seed-stage, Web-oriented food association delay essential subjective gear. RKM’s founders, all technology experts in the appropriate area, are anticipating a shrewd hop to dot-com luck and consider that their matchless subjective gear end admit them to end a later (Year 3) $100 pet speculation appraise delay a one-time moderate $2 pet in speculation financing.
In opposition, common dot-com firms in their niche are currently seeking multistage financing amounting to $10 pet to end resembling results. The founders feel unconfused delay one pet divides and are ending to give speculation investors a 100 percent requite on their transaction artfulness projections.
A. What percent of tenure must be sold to give the 100 percent three-year requite?
B. What is the resulting figure of divide tenure?
C. Suppose the speculation investors don’t buy the transaction artfulness predictions and shortness to expense the bargain turgid a avoid rotund in Year 2 of $8 pet delay a 40 percent requite. What changes?
D. Suppose the speculation investors admit delay the founders’ toll, expense the bargain consistently, and incline out to be injustice (an concomitant $8 pet at 40 percent must be injected for the developed year).
1. What is the contact on the founders’ and rotund-one investors’ developed tenure turgid the avoid rotund is funded by outsiders?
2. Compare these results to your results for Part C.
3. Who bears the decrepitude from an anticipated rotund?
4. Who bears the decrepitude from an quick rotund?
E. Suppose that the bargain is expensed turgid the avoid rotund (as in Part C) and it inclines out to be useless. 
Comment on the developed tenure percentages at debouchure (Year 3). What do you terminate about the contact of anticipated but unrealized later financing rotunds?