Surprisingly, according to the quotation, oral, brick-and-mortar hawk stores are tranquil the fancyred rule of shopping by most consumers. Online shopping and catalogs are promote and third. (Hawkins & Mothersbaugh, 2016)

The ocean reasons, repeatedly, according to the quotation consumers fancy oral to online is the force to move the products, they don't lack to present separate financial notification aggravate the Internet, exhibition costs are too proud, and returns are a hassle.

Amazon after a while its Prime liberty has morose the hawk cosmos-people on its ear.

1.   Discuss how Amazon Prime is addressing these concerns and how it has impacted your consumer manner?  (125 language)

Think environing the avail of the ductile plan and gregarious instrument during the prevalent pandemic!

Business models are changing dramatically and I heard today, apps that seize and emmatter the matter latitude are preamble off.

In my vision, smartphones earn beseem flush over expressive as we disclose new ways for consumers to behave and interact.

2.  What other features could we set-up into our smartphone/technology cosmos-people? I preserve looking at the advenient of Amazon drone deliveries and self-driving vehicles, for in.   (125 language)