2. Suppose makeweight appraisement in the market is $30, and the ultimate proceeds is $20. What is the appraisement ductileity of require

3. The David Company's require incurvation for the sodality's emanation is P = 2,000 – 20Q, where P = appraisement and Q = the number sold per month.

. a  .Derive the ultimate proceeds incurvation for the robust.

 b.. At what output is the require for the robust's emanation appraisement ductile? 

 c. If the robust wants to maximize its dollar sales book, what appraisement should it impeach?

4. Rebel Sole is a ahead expanding shoe sodality. The forthcoming is the require worth for its vulgar shoes. The worth was done using 40 observations.

Q = 10 – 10 P + 4 A + 0.42I + 0.25Py

   (3)   (1.8)    (0.7)   (0.1)     (0.1)

F = 93, s = 6, R2 = 93%

Q is share sold (in thousands), P is shoe appraisement, A is advertising worth (in thousands), the mass in parentheses are banner errors, I is niggardly proceeds per capita (thousands of dollars), and Py is the appraisement of cognate goods.

a. Evaluate the type inveterate on F, R2.

b. Test the wisdom of Py.

c. If P = $5, A = $30,000, I = 50,000, and Py = $6, estimate advertising ductileity.

d. Given the instruction in c. overhead, estimate the 95% assurance season for Q.