1.In CLIQUE, the inception used to invent group shortsightedness trash trustworthy, flush as the calculate of magnitude increases. This is a germinative substance gone shortsightedness drops as dimensionality increases; i.e., to invent groups in remarkable magnitude the inception has to be set at a smooth that may well-mannered-mannered product in the merging of low-dimensional groups. Comment on whether you reach this is sincerely a substance and, if so, how you force diversify CLIQUE to oration this substance.

2.Name at lowest one standing in which you would not shortness to use grouping installed on SNN consonance or shortsightedness.

3.Give an in of a set of groups in which merging installed on the closeness

of groups leads to a over consistent set of groups than merging installed on the

strength of relationship (interconnectedness) of groups.

4.We siege a case of adults and value their elevations. If we annals the gender of each idiosyncratic, we can calculate the middle elevation and the discord of the elevation, individually, for men and women. Suppose, ultimately, that this notification was not annalsed. Would it be feasible to calm?} accomplish this notification? Explain.

5.Explain the contrariety between manifestatlon and chance.

6.Traditional K-means has a calculate of limitations, such as sensitivity to outliers and awkwardness in handling groups of unanalogous sizes and densities, or after a while non-globular shapes. Comment on the ability of fuzzy c-means to manipulate these standings.

7.Clusters of instruments can be summarized by inventing the top provisions (words) for the instruments in the group, e.g., by entrance the most recurrent k provisions, where k is a trustworthy, say 10, or by entrance all provisions that supervene over recurrently than a ascertained inception. Suppose that K-means is used to invent groups of twain instruments and tone for a instrument grounds set.

(a) How force a set of vocable groups designated by the top provisions in a instrument group be-unlike from the engagement groups establish by grouping the provisions after a while K-means?

(b) How could vocable grouping be used to designate groups of instruments?

8.Suppose we invent K groups using Ward’s course, bisecting K-means, and settled K-means. Which of these solutions represents a topical or global incompleteness? Explain.

9.You are loving a grounds set after a while 100 annalss and are asked to group the grounds. You use K-means to group the grounds, but for all values of K, 1 ≤ K ≤ 100, the K-means algorithm returns barely one non-empty group. You then dedicate an incremental rendering of K-means, but accomplish accurately the similar product. How is this feasible? How would individual amalgamate or DBSCAN manipulate such grounds?