Quantitative Analysis Exam #4

  Online 1 hour erad exam?  Each exam is 5 -8 questions hanker.  Two of the questions can be 2 to 9 portio answers.  Due by 4pm Eastern Standard era USA...this Tuesday Dec, 11th.  I would love to perfect the exam the extinction precedently. I elect to log in to my online gate and impel the exam questions via draw extract to this column.  We would possess to catalogue a era to capture the exam conjointly.  Pictures are fixed to illusion the representative that is trained on the exam.  Here are the main topics trained:  1) Chi - Squared  2) Hypothesis Tests  3) Regressions: ultimate, dummy, & multiple  4) Simulation (these obtain be the multiple exquisite questions on the exam)  5) Optimization (these obtain be the multiple exquisite questions on the exam)  Rules when preliminary the exam:   • Timing starts when you click the Arise Assessment button. You cannot intermission the exam once you arise. • If you are indolent or log out, the erar obtain endure to vestige the era you possess retaining to perfect the exam. • When answering numeric questions, do not rotund until the end and rotund all last answers to two decimal places. • Express all percentages and probabilities as decimals (e.g., .1863 should be explicit as .19 and not 18.63%). • Do not use thousands separators (e.g., 1,000 should be explicit as 1000). • Do not vary the item of dissection (e.g., do not vary 5.17 ($K) to 5170). • Unless differently indicated, use a .95 reliance plane.