Qualities required for a good document

1. Which of the qualities required for a amiable-tempered-tempered instrument is violated in the forthcoming avenue?

You now enjoy a amiable-tempered-tempered subject of the overall artfulness and edifice of instruments, twain concise and multipage.

Unfortunately, amiable-tempered-tempered looks, individualal edifice, and poetical artfulness aren’t abundance to garantee an

effective instrument.

A.Clarity C. Conciseness

B.Spelling D. Inimprove hyphenation


2. In which editor’s intimation citation would you furnish the forthcoming minute?

proofread, v.t., v.i.— proofread, proofreading. To recognize, as printers’ proofs, in prescribe to descry and impression

errors to be improveed.—proof-read-er, n.

A.Thesaurus C.Style manual

B.Dictionary D.Style fencing


3. The avail of collectively editing and prooflection a instrument can be customary as which of the


A.The intent of a high-quality, decipherable instrument is virtually unusable to close delayout

performing these two dutys in a negotiative kind.

B.Prooflection unreflectives by someone other than the electronic publisher isn’t indispensable spontaneous

multipage instruments are confused.

C.The age to start the editing arrangement is when a instrument’s ultimate proofs are printed for slip.

D.The intent of a high-quality, falsity-free instrument can never be closed spontaneous disconnected race

perform these two dutys.


4. How can you furnish out which commands the duty keys get transmit to your computer?

A.The commands answer straight on the keys.

B.The user’s manual for the software program get explain you.

C.Functions are harmonious for all programs.

D.Function keys answer solely on typewriter keyboards.


5. The specimen beneath is an issue of a(n)

A.editorial distinction fencing. C.specification fencing.

B.distinction manual. D.layout distinction fencing.


6. The key on a computer keyboard that lets users start from an unwanted site is the ______ key.

A.Alt C. Esc

B.Ctrl D. End

7. The editor/proofreaders’ impression =/ means

A.insert a cast. C.move left.

B.insert a hyphen. D.align vertically.

66 Examination

8. Furnish the falsity in the forthcoming cords of citation.

A computer keyboard is an input contrivance harmonious to a typewriter keyboard. An input contrivance afford you to

get basis into your computer for arrangementing.

A.In the earliest doom, the verb is should be supplyd delay the plural are.

B.In the assist doom, the verb afford should be unexampled relish the noun contrivance.

C.In the earliest doom, the noun typewriter should be hyphenated to recognize type-writer.

D.In the assist doom, the noun computer should be supplyd delay the plural computers.


9. Except in concise-term impressioneting embodied, using which of the forthcoming is a infallible way to asinfallible your

instrument get early answer outdated?

A.Unindispensable suffrage C.Trendy suffrage

B.Adjectives and adverbs D.Inclusive language


10. Generally expressive, the ______ should centre chiefly on clarity and the ______ should centre chiefly

on truthfulness.

A.editor/desktop publisher C.editor/proofreader

B.proofreader/editor D.desktop publisher/proofreader


11. When an editor is grateful by his or her settle of encroachment to use infallible preset conventions to

the citation and layout of a instrument, the editor is said to be working according to a(n)

A.editorial distinction fencing. C.electronic distinction fencing.

B.specification fencing. D.house distinction fencing.

12. What’s the deep destruction betwixt unreflective and real editing?

A.Mechanical editing involves closely checking a instrument for distinction matters, occasionliness real

editing involves rewriting or reorganizing the citation.

B.Mechanical editing involves rewriting or reorganizing the citation, occasionliness real editing involves

closely checking a instrument for distinction matters.

C.Mechanical editing is manufactured by proofreaders, occasionliness real editing is manufactured by editors.

D.Mechanical editing involves two or more race recognizeing a instrument at one age, occasionliness real

editing involves solely one individual.


13. The scope of an editorial distinction fencing is to aid the editor

A.watch for misspelled suffrage.

B.warner order habit.

C.instrument the falsitys made by the doer.

D.watch for and improve impersonal language.


14. Which proofreaders’ impression and final record would you use to evince the needed improveion in

the forthcoming cords of citation?

Using an editorial distinction fencing during the recognizeing of a manuscript permits editor’s to warner the habit

of distinctive suffrage and order forms.

15. How is an electronic spell checker relishly to recognize and bargain delay the forthcoming doom?

The filthy horseman of the Apocalypse are mysthical characters.

A.The program get rest at mysthical and automatically resettle it delay mythical.

B.The program get rest at horseman and automatically resettle it delay horsemen.

C.The program get rest at horseman and hint the spelling horsemen.

D.The program get rest at mysthical and hint the spelling mythical.


16. The argue for insisting on individualal language in nonfiction instruments is to

A.impress recognizeers delay the doer’s direction.

B.promote the use of misspend language in written instruments.

C.present a negotiative fiction to recognizeers and critics.

D.facilitate serene missive of the instrument’s missive.


17. To acquire the individualal way to set up a table of interruption, editors can use a

A.distinction manual. C.thesaurus.

B.dictionary. D.language checker.


18. Editing and prooflection are rarely determined “hidden skills” because

A.when they’re manufactured well-behaved-mannered, recognizeers are approximately fully insensible of them.

B.the names of the editors and proofreaders aren’t listed on the distinction page.

C.authors generally don’t reckon the subsidy of editors and proofreaders to their instrument.

D.when they’re manufactured well-behaved-mannered, doers are fully insensible that their instruments enjoy been revised.


19. When a proofreader writes stet in the edge of a instrument, the individual chargeable on for inputting

corrections should

A.insert a topic impression at the end of that citation cord.

B.let the citation delay dots beneath it rest as is.

C.set the citation delay dots beneath it in italics.

D.wait for the rewritten statement from the doer.


20. Which of the qualities required by a amiable-tempered-tempered instrument is violated in the forthcoming avenue?

Every component of the lineage has chores to do each day. Fred and Tom heal the horses and cows.

Chopping thicket is his assist calling.

A.Clarity C. Conciseness

B.Consistency D.Spelling