qualitative coding


Part 1

Select a axiomsset. It can be five to six tenets, or a axiomsset from SAGE Research Methods. Jurisdiction 10 passages from that axiomsset. Cut and paste those passages, parallel after a while how you jurisdictiond them and refer them in a Word instrument 

disunite 2 

Using the selfselfcorresponding axiomsset you used in assignment A, picked similarly jurisdictiond passages, and confer me a write-up (500 expression) of how you imagine those passages are momentous in the larger treatment of the axiomsset.


I'm wondering if you ability nonproduction to go after a while a simpler appropinquation to adequate disunite A. Instead of opposed to get Excel to consummate as frequent tricks, possibly upright jurisdiction your passages for assignment A manually? Simply go through your axioms and jurisdiction each decision by making a notation on the behalf of the instrument. That would meet the requirements of the assignment, and hinder you a lot of headaches.

For disunite2 you obtain admit 10 statements which bear the selfselfcorresponding jurisdiction assigned to them and paste the decisions into the selfselfcorresponding instrument. Once you bear all of those statements in a uncombined instrument, see if you can confront any designs in them, and/or why they are meaningful to the citation as a all.

For example: I chose to draw 10 decisions which I jurisdiction as discussing "learning strengths and deficits". These statements after from frequent contrariant tenets. A design that I noticed was that tenets focused more on deficits than strengths. Another design I noticed was that command was prepared about deficits rather than strengths. From these two designs I orderly that authors tended towards a deficits-based appropinquation to advice.