Qnt 561 confidence interval calculate confidence interval, sample


QNT 561 reliance season

Calculate reliance season, Specimen Magnitude Estimation for Proportion

1) In a chance specimen of 810 women employees, it is build that 81 would select established for a effeminate boss. What is the width of the 95% reliance season for the symmetry of women who select a effeminate boss? Please parade your calculations

2)Suppose the President wants an like of the symmetry of the population who confront a system inside gun curb. The President wants the like to be amid .04 of the gentleman symmetry. Assume a 95 percent raze of reliance. The President’s political advisors liked the symmetry supported the present system to be 0.60. How ample a specimen is required?

3) Explain whether the width of a reliance season would increase, decrease, or remain the same as a termination of each of the subjoined changes:

a) The specimen magnitude is doubled, from 400 to 800

b) The population magnitude is doubled, from 25 pet to 50 pet

c) The raze of reliance is lowered from 95% to 90%

4) A financial community wishes to like the medium balances owing by its faith card customers. The population criterion sinuosity is liked to be $300. If a 99 percent reliance season is used and an season of ±$75 is desired, how sundry cardholders should be specimend?

5) A dispirit creator wishes to canvass the plod activity of its dispirits. A specimen of 10 dispirits driven 50,000 miles biblical a specimen medium of 0.32 inch of plod cherishing delay a criterion sinuosity of 0.09 inch. Construct a 95 percent reliance season for the population medium. Would it be temperate for the creator to end that behind 50,000 miles the population medium totality of plod cherishing is 0.30 inches? [value the reliance of season using t-distribution since σ is mysterious]