Punishing the Offender

Assume you are a critic in a propound flatter. The tribulation in the instance illustrative underneathneath has sound ended, and you must now inflict a decision. Your decision should be mismisalienate for the misdeed and should evidence censorious forced and your intellect of sentencing law and concepts you are lection encircling in your textbook. Assume you enjoy the ability to inflict any decision you nonproduction underneathneath propound statutory law. Facts of the Case: The accused, age 28, has been convicted of 100 enumerates of disturb (integral enumerate is a different impingement of disturb) of his/her 10-year old branch, who is now livelihood in a immaterial establishment due to the trauma caused by the accused’s actions. The accused has an IQ of 67. The accused has a preceding illegal annals of two impingements of branch adversity. Instructions to Complete the Written Assignment: 1. Prepare a sentencing description for the accused. You government nonproduction to contemplate at the Sentencing Guidelines Probation Worksheet at Page 83 of your textbook for some ideas. 2. Your description should debate the aftercited components: a. Give the accused a designate, gender, career, and ethnicity. b. Briefly summarize the misdeed for which the accused was convicted. If you reflect any axioms are missing, produce up your own axioms to soundify your decision. c. Finally, inflict a decision that you estimate is sound and legitimate. Use your analytical skills to clear-up and soundify why this decision is mismisalienate for the misdeed. 3. There is no required elongation for the description, but it should be covet abundance to empower you to largely debate all of the required components