A psychological disorder and its treatment

For this assignment, you will create an informative presentation on a psychological
disorder and its treatment.
1. Choose one of the psychological disorders that you read about in Chapter 14 of the text
2. Research your topic using a minimum of three academically credible resources, as
described below.
1. Required: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM 5); see how to
access this source below
2. Any or all of the academically credible website such as those shown below
Acceptable web sources:
To access the DSM 5: From the main Library tab, click University Library. In the Library
Resources, click View All Resources Alphabetically. Click DSM – Diagnostic and
Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Click on the picture of the DSM 5 and choose
Section II: Diagnostic Criteria and Codes. Locate the disorder you chose under the
appropriate category.
Your presentation must thoroughly cover each of the following:

A definition of the disorder and detailed description of symptoms
Prevalence and population affected
How is the disorder diagnosed?
What are the causes and/or influences contributing to the disorder?
What impact does the disorder have on an effected person’s daily life?
How is the disorder treated?

Summary of requirements when using Microsoft® PowerPoint®:

Create 10 to 14 slides, including a title slide and a reference slide.
Summarize main ideas in three to five bullet points on each slide, and use speaker notes
to provide sufficient detail to thoroughly explain your understanding of each point you
cover. Your presentation must be informative and reflect careful research.
Express ideas in your own words; do not copy and paste information into your slides. No
more than 10% of the word count may consist of quotations.
Add color, graphics, and images for a visually appealing presentation.
Ensure that slides are clear and easy to read.
Proofread to eliminate any spelling or grammatical errors.
Cite your sources in APA format on slides and in speaker notes where appropriate.

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