CASE STUDY Ms. Janet Steel is a 26-year-old womanly delay a History of HTN, Anxiety, Asthma, Hypochondria and PCOS. She was admitted to Millwood Hospital due to a Demoralization Onset she accustomed 1 month ago. She was initially admitted to JPS psych item, was liberated settlement but she is calm?} unsteffectual at this spell. The enduring has been chiding of having a mortify and disinclination (smooth 6) beneath her left sole, but there is no mortify beneath her left sole. The enduring’s dame is her subsistence plan and Responsible Party. When the advise foster entered the locality to ask the discuss for admission, the enduring recognized “I bear stern diffidence and I had a demoralization onset latest month. I am having disinclination beneath my left sole accordingly I bear a mortify”. The advise foster did a crisis to toe impost, but there is no mortify beneath her left sole. The origin implied that the enduring conquer repeatedly annoy of having bigwig crime delay her all the spell. She has been going to the hospital integral week for the latest 6 months and the physicians diagnosed her delay Hypochondria. The enduring has been very agitated and watchful. She has been very uncooperative delay heed accordingly she unsubstantialks integralone is going to rack the mortify on her left sole, that does not remain. She has a tasteless like and is very watchful. She has very gentle oration and a average intonation. She denies having any homicidal, suicidal, visual or hearers hallucinations. She is having delusions environing the mortify on her left sole, that does not remain. Her cognizance is that she is in lots of disinclination due to a mortify that does not remain per the advise foster impost. Her reflection processes are aberrant. She is ready and oriented x 2, has calm recognition and judgement, is unconnectedly ambulatory and is effectual to toilet herself. She is continent of bowel and bladder. She is non-denominational and does not accompany pavilion constantly. She is on a Regular nutriment delay unsubstantial liquids. She has cheerful dentition. She has cheerful soundness and sleeps for 6 hours integral obscurity. She does not accompany assembly activities; she has abused marijuana in the elapsed 3 months. She perfect Highschool. She plans to go settlement delay her dame upon liberate.  Medication List: Seroquel 25mg 1 tab PO BID Xanax 1 mg 1 tab PO q12 hours PRN Lisinopril 10mg 1 tab PO QD Acetaminophen 325mg 1 tab PO q4 hours PRN  Metformin 500mg 1 tab PO QD Vital signs: VS: 98.6°, 110/74, 72, 18, 99% ra Objective Data Alert and Oriented X 2 Normal Dentition Height 5ft 10in; Weight 135lb. Cardiovascular:  S1, S2, S3 exhibit; all peripheral pulses palpable Respiratory: Normal lung sounds in all lobes Gastrointestinal: BS exhibit in all 4 quadrants. Labs: Test Results Ref.  Range Units Sodium 139  137-145 mmol/L Potassium 3.7   3.5-5.3 mmol/L Chloride 101  98-107 mmol/L Carbon dioxide 24  22-30 mmol/L Anion gap 13.0  7.0-16.0 mmol/L Creatinine 1.20  0.66-1.25 mg/dL Estimated GFR Non AFR American 100  >60 ml/min/1.73m2 Anion gap 12  7.0- 16.0 mmol/L Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) 28  9-20 mg/dL WBC: 8.0  3.4 -10.8 x10E3/ul