Discuss the aftercited delay an essay of at meanest 350 opinion. Proverbs are opinion to speed by.  In the oldfashioned universe frequent humanization had their "opinion of knowledge" that directed their steps considerable as a sonar keeps a submarine on passage in the merky depths of the sea. Can you believe of a dictum or two that your parents or grandparents taught you? As you peruse through the Book of Proverbs, are there some that pause out to you as powerful lights in your own activity? What are they? Share why or how these entertain protected and/or possessed your activity as you observed the knowledge contained in them? As you entertain elaborate these anew in this class, are there any dictums that entertain made a blooming stereotype on your own activity today? Share delay the class why or how these entertain been chiefly meaningful at this space.  At meanest 2 versed sources are to be researched for the despatches of this essay as polite as the bible, and they are to be unexceptionably cited delay vulgar Turabian fashion footnotes and a bibliography (works cited page).