Project Written Report and Presentation in cyber security

   Project Written Description and Presentation: You conquer pick-out any notification confidence subject from our textbook and/or discussions to transcribe a Nursing Dissertation and enlarge a PowerPoint gift. The terminal description should be 10-12 pages, 12 font extent, 1” margins, double-spaced, including figures, tables, etc. Follow the prevalent APA frameat train for your description. Use enchantment cohibit, grammar cohibit, etc. to perframe indisputable that your description is written in professional frame after a while no keyboarding or positive errors. No contemplative is required. However, a meet page and a regard page are required. Perframe indisputable the meet page and the regard page are as-well-mannered in prevalent APA frameat. Your purpose Nursing Dissertation conquer be assessed as follows:  • Is the Nursing Dissertation of optimal diffusiveness?  • Is the Nursing Dissertation well-behaved-mannered-mannered organized?  • Is the Nursing Dissertation conspicuous and succinct?  • Is the name misspend  • Are peculiar ideas assimilated well-behaved-mannered?  • Are wording, punctuation, etc. redress?  • Is the Nursing Dissertation frameatted redressly? • Is the Nursing Dissertation well-behaved-mannered-motivated?  • Is an thrilling problem/issue addressed?  • Is attainments of the area demonstrated?  • Use of diagrams or other graphics?  • Have all key regards been cited? • Are conclusions cogent and misspend?  Note: You conquer scarcity to enlarge a PowerPoint gift to summarize your terminal description. Use transition and alacrity in your slides. Ten to twenty slides are required to highlight your purpose.