Project planning tools

  The concrete of the course Project Management is to familiarize students delay principles of creating and realizing contrivances. Students allure examine principles of formulating gift, products, and issues of the contrivance - drift and allure imbibe skills of making a budget and schedules of the contrivance. They allure to-boot imbibe about basic tools of planning, realizing, monitoring and noncommunication the contrivance. They allure know the gift and methods of managing the lavish. This allure issue in developing a contrivance who rationalizes decisions united delay the superintendence of an economic contrivance. You enjoy to intention your own Contrivance (pattern attached!) for gratuitously chosen theme, then by using Contrivance planning tools, educe Definition of a contrivance, intention Work Breakdown Structure (for two alternatives!), Network planning and Gantt Chart, then regard costs  Defense of this contrivance using PowerPoint, and then you enjoy to transmit your contrivance in Word format. NOTE- Contrivance should be WBS,Network planning and Gantt chart.