Project movie flix | Human Resource Management homework help

It is now era to inaugurate the strategic contrivancening feature of your device. You feel been remunerated as a consultant to aid MovieFlix explain a transaction drift. You've previously descriptive to MovieFlix's example the primary trudge to aiding them explain their drift. Now it's era to contribute them delay a unmeasured contrivance and eraline.

For your assignment, you conquer demand to do the thriveing:


  • Create a chart/table where you particular a SWOT dissection for MovieFlix. For your SWOT dissection, you demand to inventory 3 inside strengths, 3 inside weaknesses, 3 visible opportunities, and 3 visible threats for MovieFlix.
  • In 1-2 paragraphs, debate the notification that you put into your SWOT dissection. Why did you inventory the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that you did? Why are they strengths, weaknesses, etc.
  • Now particular the cessation of the trudges that you conquer train MovieFlix through to attain a dogmatic disentanglement to their drift. Make unfailing that you contribute their example team delay a eraframe for when you intercept the device to be completed by.
  • Remember to use appropriate temper in your tract. You are symbolical from a "consultant" aim of opinion. Your parley is the Example Team at MovieFlix.
  • Make unfailing to apprehend an APA formatted appellation page and allusion page for sources that you may feel used for your exploration. Remember to thrive APA trainlines when paraphrasing or quoting notification. Don't learn to adduce your sources and apprehend in-text citations as compulsory.
  • attached is the primary tract written for the judicious drift