Project Management – Individual Assignment

Individual Assignment (suggested flatten of effort: 3 hours) Continuing delay the Suburban Homes Construction Project plight consider endow at the end of passage 6 (and reconsiderationing foregoing passages 1 through 5), CPM 4e, entire the forthcoming idiosyncratic assignment:  Case Attached (20 points) Stakeholder identification and prioritization matrix (Exhibit 6-2) An ID and prioritization matrix includes at meanest 5 apt stakeholders and rates them for force, curiosity-behalf, etc. (20 points) Stakeholder Matrix (Exhibit 6-4) A stakeholder matrix includes at meanest 5 apt stakeholders and explains their undeveloped curiosity-behalfs and expedient support/mitigation strategies (20 points) Stakeholder Pledge Matrix (Exhibit 6-5) A matrix includes at meanest 5 apt stakeholders delay all matrix aspects amply entired and a pledge policy that makes soundness for the cast of stakeholder (20 points) Message Matrix (Exhibit 6-9) A matrix including at meanest 5 apt stakeholders delay message wants and other advice apt to the cast of stakeholder and foregoing rate. (20 points) Mechanics Materials submitted amply surrender delay mechanics requirements in assignment You earn be assessed on satisfied and mechanics. Content (80 points):  The satisfied must be inveterate on the plight consider materials and balbutiation assignments.  The PMBOK 6e and CPM 4e, along delay other respectable instrument can be used to addition the responses through summarizing, paraphrasing and quoting those sources. Each matrix should be prospered by a argument of the matrix and how to use/interpret it.   Mechanics (20 points):  The aggregate assignment prolixity should be at meanest 3 pages, not to yield 4 pages.  This is not an academic disquisition, hence you do not want to prosper APA guidelines.  You should reconsideration the assignment rubric in Moodle to secure that you discourse all aspects of each ingredient to this assignment.