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Hi, am doing a clump design, we did touch a arrange by email using unreserved ended retort. I allure cater you after a conjuncture the questions we did grant them and their replies, then the tender that we wrote, then the ruler tabulation, and now we are doing the conclusive tract of the design, am doing savey 3 which is collecting grounds, and savey 4 which analyzing grounds. I allure unite the magnitude model to see the format of how to do a congruous savey, its section 9 page 251-253.


AND PAPER RUBRIC, deunencumbered jump the savey part


Elin Francis- Administrative Assistant

How hanker bear you toiled for Luxury Beach Realty?

-2 years

List all of your senior responsibilities.

  • Answer phone seduces- choose notice and save notice to the purposed recipient
  • Help delegates that end in after a conjuncture scanning, faxing, or any other questions
  • Respond to emails
  • Sign up new delegates after a conjuncturein the arrange
  • File recognizeance, bills, and all other muniments after a conjuncturein reform folders in filing cabinet
  • Make apprehending the use-post is kept purified and tidy
  • Manage the contenteded of the ocean website
  • Manage the CRM method for recruiting

Why are these responsibilities leading for your job?

-These responsibilities acceleration the use-post to run allayly and acceleration the arrange amplify.

What qualities are essential to construct you prosperous in your job?

-The qualities that are essential for consummation grasp and power to multitask, collection clear-up, toil underneathneath weight and conclude functions.

When was the discloseed space you had trailing, what was it?

-July 2017. We had use-post trailing on "Appfiles" (our muniment address/acquiescence software)

What does a ‘regular day’ grasp?

A regular day would grasp sympathetic the phones, discourse to questions, solving collections, initiative client seduces and accelerationing clients in the abode buying or selling course. I can too await that my day allure not be the similar as yesterday, whole day is incongruous. 

Do you use the internet for toil akin functions? Do you use the internet for non-toil akin functions when “on the clock”?

-Yes and yes.


Gordon Francis- Recruiting Manager

How hanker bear you toiled for LBR?

I bear toiled for LBR for 2 years. I bear been in discloseed condition for 18 years. It is a arrange that I prize in and allure further our concept to other delegates.

List all of your senior responsibilities;

Prime usurpation is recruiting delegates that fit into our target stroll of delegates. Further the arrange to all delegates and in the course invigorate the concept of 100% confidence to the delegates..

Working after a conjuncture the delegates that we bear to enknowing they are receiving the acceleration and tools they want to do their use in an efficient form.

Marketing our arrange to the disclosed population of delegates, and promoting the 100% confidence concept conjuncture oblation the uses that the other excellent confidence companies are providing.

Help superintend the the inclination of amplifyth for our arrange.

Why are these responsibilities leading to you?

As after a conjuncture any arrange the most leading result is generating recognizeance, the tranquillity allure thrive. In this arrange the consummation is grounded on the total of transactions that we suppress. That is our senior fount of recognizeance. That can barely extension in 2 ways. 1. is getting elapsed delegates. 2. Making the delegates we bear elapsed fertile. It is leading to me owing I bear a plain collision on the consummation or scarcity of the arrange. That is the concern of my usurpation. 


What qualities are essential to construct you prosperous in your job?

This job enjoy discloseed condition in disclosed is a sympathy use. You should be outgoing and neighborly to all the race that you engage. It is leading that they enjoy you. “ All subjects similar race do use after a conjuncture race they enjoy. All subjects not being similar, race do use after a conjuncture race they enjoy”. Too enjoy any sales composition, permanence is a cheerful-tempered-tempered power. Unaffected by refusal is a cheerful-tempered-tempered line for this job. Too enjoy any sales job you must prize in your emanation, and bear the vehemence to enlighten others that is the best subject for them.

When was the discloseed space you had trailing? What was it?

We collect somesubject whole day! The format trailing that I bear had was the permanent trailing for my discloseed condition indulge. Trailing ends in multiform ways. Some of the best trailing is habit. That is why all companies nondespatch to apprehend the elapsed habit of an petitioner for tenure. Their habit is an indicator of what they apprehend encircling their feature area of expertise.

What does a regular day grasp?

Phone seduces, entering notes into the client vestigeing program, Thinking of new ways to strain elapsed delegates and get our notice out.  It could grasp an colloquy after a conjuncture an delegate that is regarding fastening the arrange. 

Do you use internet for toil akin functions? Do you use the internet for non toil akin functions when “on the clock”?

Without internet this use grinds to a pause. So yes I use the internet on a daily institution. As far as non toil akin use of the internet, casually I stop my emails. Anyone that says they do not use the internet for non toil akin results during toil hours is treating the occurrence recklessly. (at ultimate at this arrange, I am tolerably apprehending it is alconcurrently spiritless.)

Kadie Francis- Administrative Assistant & Recruiting Assistant

How hanker bear you toiled for Luxury & Beach Realty?

3 years

Major Responsibilities


  • Design recruiting email weekly
  • Adding the new fertile delegates to the recruiting email weekly
  • Sending out a thrive up recruiting email weekly
  • Importing all the notice into pipedrive to divide after a conjuncture Gordon weekly

-In use-post assistant

  • Answer phone seduces as they end in
  • Fill out function charts daily
  • Clean use-post as wanted
  • Answer emails assigned to me 
  • Greet race as they end in the door

Why are these responsibilities leading for your job?

For recruiting it composes aptitude and acceleration the arrange character through the implicit delegates.

For in the use-post it frees up the space of the Business-post Superintendent and others after a conjuncturein the use-post.

What qualities are essential to construct you prosperous at your job?

  • Ability to use a computer
  • Ability to collect how use new software 
  • Being complaisant to those usurpation or treading in the door

When was the discloseed space you had trailing, what was it?

July, updated recruiting trailing.

What does a regular day grasp?

While in the use-post I do subjects that I am assigned to do for that day and would do the recruiting that I do out of the use-post certain under.

While out of the use-post I do not toil wholeday and the hours disagree but I do my recruiting functions as assigned such as sharp and granting out the moderate email on Monday. Nosubject is required tuesday. Wednesday - Friday charactering through the schedule depending on the total and then grant the thrive up email.

Do you use the internet for toil akin functions? Do you use the internet for non-toil akin functions when on the clock?

Yes, the recruiting is all online

Yes casually after a conjuncture recognizeance casually not

Zee - Business-post Manager

How hanker bear you toiled for Luxury Beach Realty?

3.5 years

List all of your senior responsibilities.

Compliance for the use-post. (Review tracttoil submitted by the delegates & adjust Disbursement Authorizations for noncommunications)

Meet after a conjuncture delegates who contest after a conjuncture tractwork, software, mls, marketing scheduleings.

Transresuscitation address for in family sales.

Cleaning the use-post.

Manage and oceantain nondespatch & 1099 spreadsheets for the use-post.

Coordinate saveys & trailing sessions for the use-post.

Respond & reform arrange emails.

Prepare & grant weekly email to all delegates.

Administrative living for the delegates and the broker.

Why are these responsibilities leading for your job?

It determines the power of use to the delegates and clients are incessantly exceeding their awaitations.

What qualities are essential to construct you prosperous in your job?

Commitment, reliability, unequivocal pose, veracity, despatch, creativity, apprehendledge of the Developed Condition use, remote unity, arrange.

When was the discloseed space you had trailing, what was it?

Appfiles software for acquiescence.

What does a ‘regular day’ grasp?

Review emails, confront, tag and reform abroad. Acquiescence reconsideration tracttoil submitted by the delegates and adjust any DA's requested. Answer phones, delegate and client questions as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as acceleration tread ins. Be compliant to alter responsibilities & priorities for any peculiar design or delegate situations that may commence throughout the day.

Do you use the internet for toil akin functions? Do you use the internet for non-toil akin functions when “on the clock”?

Yes most of the toilday. Yes, after a conjuncture recognizeance.

Julie Simpson - Broker

What celebrates me up at tenebrosity as the Broker?  

1. Bear our notorious tone injured. Through the resuscitations of one of my discloseed condition delegates. Model wire fraud

2. Profitpower / Market alters / Assiduity trends - my return is superficial through my delegates monthly fees and their sales. Ex. of-late Hurricane Irma hit Florida.  Prior to the terrify starting my arrange had 70 transactions nondespatch in Sept. Our genuinely suppressd 23. Ouch.  What happens now? Were the transactions extended? Did they nullify from horror? Damage? How allure this seek our size going impertinent? What do we do to adjust for the alter?

What do I ponder I am doing well-mannered-behaved?

I ponder I bear a unless getingness for exoteric a use, expectation and amplifyth. LBR was thickend 10/30/14. LBR allure be foul-mouthed years old this month and we currently are designed to suppress $750,000,000 in 2017. I ponder I bear executed a cheerful-tempered-tempered job amplifying and adjusting to changes and toiling after a conjuncture the occasional one. I try to collect from wholething. I am surrounded after a conjuncture some very cheerful-tempered-tempered acceleration.

What can I do reform?

Managing staff is my biggest investigate at this space. We are a great arrange after a conjuncture 186 discloseed condition delegates in 4 counties but run on a slender staff of 4. I bear collections after a conjuncture staff getting ahanker and toiling concurrently, despatch,forming a team.  I lavish my intellect when somesubject falls through the cracks owing an employee cogitation it was their job. 

What bear I expert in the elapsed? I expert unity profiles and reassigning responsibilities grounded on unless abilities and enjoys. That was accelerationful and undisputed us to agitate impertinent. 

I bear expert implementing a team engageing once a week to celebrate us aaffect and celebrate tabs on designs, and excellentunencumbered aims. This has toiled to agitate us impertinent but I get poor feedend from one employee and another who ends after a conjuncture his own agenda. This chooses engageing off vestige, ruins space and rubbish the glide that would compose resuscitation. 

What would I enjoy to see my employees reform during the day?

Love the arrange and guard its space. The arrange pays for 40 hours a week per employee. Everyone wants to be doing their very best in those 40 hours to celebrate us vigorous and amplifying. I discover equpowerful the employees after a conjuncture the big aims get caught up in the space ruinrs. Unfertile delegates who seduce frequently-again-and-again, sales race who end in for no deduce other than` a gregarious seduce, hanker colloquys after a conjuncture delegates who do not engage our standards. Space ruinrs.

What are 3 Goals 

1 To bear 250 delegates doing at ultimate 5 transactions per year

2. Bear the bugs toiled out of our recruiting methods so they are automated and elapsed efficacious.

3. Be powerful to unreserved another brick and mortar use-post. I cannot agitate impertinent after a conjuncture this aim until the principal two had be finishd. 



Preliminary Findings

This is what we noticed conjuncture reconsiderationing the notice submitted by the employees of Luxury & Beach Realty: employees using their cell phones during toil hours and employees doing non-akin toil functions during toil hours. Employees are using their cell phone for indivisible seduces and texts ahanker after a conjuncture using their phones as food conjuncture on the clock after a conjuncture is a ruin of arrange funds. Too employees are using toil space to do non-akin toil functions results in a nondespatch of emanationivity and too is a ruin of arrange funds. The coalition of using cell phones and doing non-akin toil functions after a conjunctureout recognizeance is abusing the insubservience the employees are supposing and is using up arrange currency after a conjunctureout completing their toil.

Main Standobject Point

After an catholic reconsideration, we bear resolute that the ocean standobject object for this toll allure be encircling cell phone manner. Specifically, non-toil akin cell phone manner during symmetrical use hours. In our grounds throng overlook, we bear noticed that address has a “ask for recognizeance cunning” when persuadeing non-toil akin functions using cell phones. However, some employees bear certain that they can use cell phones for non-toil akin functions and thus insensible of such cunning. Surely, the employees are okay after a conjuncture using their cell phones for non-toil akin food. However, the arrange does not favor from this result. In occurrence, the arrange could aspect denying consequences due to a nondespatch of emanationivity and other occurrenceors that are influenced by cell phone manner. Ultimately, we nondespatch Luxury & Beach Realty to be a prosperous arrange after a conjuncture minimal results. Therefore, we allure disclose an toll delineation (elapsed notice under), irritate the grounds cool, and drain a conclusive toll tidings to the superintendent.

Assessment Plan

We allure be using the job and function partition to persuade the toll which allure standobject elapsed on the responsibilities, and feature functions in incongruous jobs ( such as: manner of phone seduces ...etc), Also, authenticate the apprehendledge, skills, tools, and provisions that an tenure should bear to adjust, manipulate, and disclose the job actually. This allure extricate to the arrange a momentous and remote represent of how subjects are organized, or how an employee could evaluate him/herself after a conjuncture the total of job executed, and what skills and tools are wanted to upgrade their cleverness. Conjuncture too hiring delegates is one of the arrange’s ocean targets, using job and function partition allure acceleration after a conjuncture recruiting by the lawful idiosyncratic by evaluating their arrangeal standards and habit. 

Intended Deliverables

By scrutiny twain employees and the broker unreserved-ended questions via email, we were powerful to get a sagacity of some reciprocal collections after a conjuncturein this use. The prize of scrutiny unreserved ended questions is that they are capable for indivisible exposition which can thicken meaningful answers, which is what we recitative from your arrange. In the forthcoming, we might bear a few elapsed questions for you and your employees to acceleration reform underneathstand and essentially acceleration reclear-up the ocean result after a conjuncturein your arrange. At the end of our learning, we allure cater a elaborate ruler tabulation peculiar for Luxury and Beach Realty!



The principal savey of the wants toll collected previous grounds encircling the sagacityd wants. The outcomes of this savey cater the institution for savey 2 of the wants toll. The aims, course, discoverings, and recommendations for this savey are summarized less.


1.      Establish a clear and strong sympathy after a conjuncture Luxury & Beach Realty.

2.      Determine whether and how the manner of cell phones for non-toil akin functions ahanker after a conjuncture unessential computer browsing seeks Luxury & Beach Realty’s enterprise.


The wants toll course for this savey graspd the thriveing steps:

1.      Interview employees, brokers, and superintendents by persuadeing unreserved-ended questions via email.

2.      Summarize each colloquy, reconsideration after a conjuncture colloquyee, and ask affixed questions.

3.      Identify enterprise gaps, reconsideration assiduity grounds that relates to the results brought to unencumbered, and brainstorm potential solutions.


1.      Efficiency could be reformd by avoiding using the cell phone or browsing the computer for non-toil akin purposes.

2.      Interviewees symmetrical that tless is a collection in communicating after a conjuncture the delegates shapeless themselves and after a conjuncture their superintendent.

3.      Lack of analogy and apprehendledge shapeless employees relative-to the cell phone and web browsing cunning.

4.      Supervisors and employees want affixed apprehendledge and skills in space address in arrange to finish the strategic aims.

5.      Non-trailing wants that should be addressed to reform enterprise grasp enforcing phone and web browsing policies and seemly despatch throughout the form by establishing allegiance, compose confidence, and cater feedback.

Recommendations: The results indicated that, for Luxury & Beach Realty to finish its strategic aims, the employees ahanker after a conjuncture supervisors want affixed apprehendledge and skills in space address and cunning enforcement. To reform enterprise most efficaciously, non-trailing wants should be addressed at the similar space. We prize haply implementing elapsed rewards for the employees could bear a unequivocal movables. Rewards such as employee of the month, top seller of the month, employee who made the most seduces etc. We too prize that it would be profitable to hire/further race to address compositions to be in accuse of the Daytona, Orlando and Naples use-posts and bear those superintendents then tidings end to the ocean use-post in Saint petersburg. This allure compose a elapsed allay course and recognize for the employees to bear their own different superintendent instead of 250+ employees tidingsing to your use-post.