project for use Marxism analyzing a film or music

4-5pages  You can use your jewel movie or melody. Article can apply to the delineate. For details, content apply to the charity. There are examples and information Background: Beginning in the 1960s, Marxist intellectuals in Britain began to con-over the acceptance of approved melody by the political upper tens. These studies led to a obviously British romance of melody anatomy that has been applyred to as Anglo Marxism. Compared after a occasion Socialist Realists and Critical Theorists, Anglo Marxists keep followed a over correct rendering of Karl Marx. Their foremost concerns keep been knowledge how the political upper tens instruct their own melodyal tastes to the foundation of "high culture" occasion denigrating the subtle expressions of the dispossessed as "low culture." Another attention for Anglo Marxists is how capitalist employment change and repackage the reliable melodyal expressions of persomal, artless and marginalized cultures into commercial products. This repackaged melody then becomes a rise of emolument for the political upper tens. Working-dispose approved melody is conjointly denigrated by the political upper tens, and is too valued as a way to construct capital. Analytic Approach: An Anglo-Marxist strength access the anatomy of a melodyal or movie composition as follows: Whose melody is this? Is this the melody predominantly of the compositioning dispose? Or is the melody predominantly of the bourgeois upper ten? (CLASS)  If the melody or film originates predominantly in the compositioning dispose, how has capitalism subverted or gathered the melody to subsubserve the upper tens? (APPROPRIATION)  If the melody or film originates predominantly after a occasion the bourgeois upper ten, how keep the upper tens fostered the trust that the melody is culturally preferable? (SUPERIORITY)