Project Deliverable 5: Capstone Final Project and Presentation

This assignment consists of two (2) minoritys: a terminal capstone device scheme and a stagnation way PowerPoint donation. You must yield twain minoritys as disconnected betters for the drift of this assignment. Label each better indicate according to the minority of the assignment it is written for.

Section 1: Terminal Capstone Device Plan 

You are now in the terminal rate of the capstone device development. All anterior munimentation should be totally into one (1) muniment that procure accommodate as the assertion of performance for the device. Your appearance is to accept the CEO of your clarified audience and his commencement team second your diplomacy admonitions. The donation should be very constructive in manage to harangue undeveloped concerns and afford living your admonitions. However, the ruler team is simply assiduous in a thirty (30) diminutive summation. Therefore, you so must imagine a compelling ruler abstract that is livinged by your point that enlightens the ruler team that it should actuate progressive delay your admonition.

  1. Develop a twenty to thirty (20-30) page device scheme in which you:


a. Write a two to three (2-3) page ruler abstract in which you afford a high-level technical overview of your device where you harangue the subjoined from the plight study: 

i. Diplomacy Development 

ii. Novelty and Competitive Analysis 

iii. Exploiting Innovation 

iv. The Organization’s Response to Change

b. Combine all anterior munimentation for Device Deliverables 1-4 in which you afford all aspects of the strategic administration way into the device scheme.


c. Compile all the condition media from the anterior deliverables. Note: Wikipedia and harmonious Websites do not adapt as condition media.

Section 2: Stagnation Way PowerPoint Presentation

In attention to your constructive ruler abstract, you must offer your findings to the ruler team and the stake high class that along delay the ruler abstract procure enlighten everyone that your explanation is optimal.

Your PowerPoint must accept debater notes and these debater notes must be written as if you were offering this device to your client. A template is affordd for your use. You can change the template naturalized on your adherent’s instructions. Do not neglect any counsel from the template consequently the counsel aligns delay the rubric. Note: The template can be establish here.   

2.      Prepare a nine to fifteen (9-15) slide donation in which you:

a.      Include a heading slide and a slide in which you afford the resolve and objectives of the donation.

b.      Examine your clarified audience’s competitive environment.

c.      Determine your clarified audience’s ocean strengths and weaknesses.

d.      Determine and evaluate two to three (2-3) strategies to exploit its novelty breakthroughs.

e.      Recommend a diplomacy for your clarified audience.

f.       Advise key strategic implementation advance.

g.     Include a summation slide in which you afford the key takeaways for the CEO.


Your donation must ensue these formatting requirements:

  • Use the PowerPoint donation template that can be establish in the online manner shell. Your adherent procure communicate you if the template can be mitigated.
  • Provide a references slide. The Reference Slide must ensue APA format.
  • Create Debater Notes to acaudience each slide that emphasize and emboss the key points to the stakeholders. Please be pure and entire as if you are substantially offering. 



The particular manner letters outcomes associated delay this assignment are:


  • Demonstrate an intelligence of the demand for diplomacy and methods for developing a profession diplomacy delayin an structure.
  • Apply analytical, technical, and elaboration skills to assess and compute the compute of structures.
  • Examine competitive segregation strategies through the use of frameworks.
  • Determine competitive usage strategies that fit an structure.
  • Assess methodologies and advancees to adapting structures for the changing strategic environment.
  • Analyze competitive forces across dynamic and aged environments.
  • Assess compute fable strategies by using a frameperformance adaptable to the strategic environment (e.g., perpendicular integration, global diplomacy, and multinational strengthening) that an structure operates in. 
  • Analyze strategies for exerting the inside commencement demanded to importune the implementation of permutation and oppidan strategic initiatives in manage to better unimpeded distinction. 
  • Assess outer enlargement strategies and the trends in strategic administration in a competitive environment.
  • Use technology and counsel media to elaboration issues cognate to profession strategic administration.
  • Write purely and concisely environing topics cognate to profession strategic administration using adapted match mechanics and technical name conventions.