Graduation Policy Location It is now spell to revisit your rank planning activities by choosing your residuum and nourishment for the policy. You get do this by creating boards to collate the attributes and issues of your diversified choices. Create a new Microsoft Order muniment and hinder it as W2P_LastName.docx. Note that you government lack to substitute your page orientation to vision to emend fit your postulates. Create a board to collate the divergent residuums you chose in Week 1. You can add a board to your muniment by using the Board icon in the Insert ribbon of Microsoft Word. Your board should apprehend the forthcoming columns: Location: Inventory the three feasible residuums. Web footing: Apprehend the URL hyperlink for each residuum’s Web footing. Positives: Apprehend a bulleted or numbered inventory* of unequivocal attributes of each. Negatives: Apprehend a bulleted or numbered inventory of issues for each residuum. Estimated Cost: Apprehend the consume(s) associated delay using the residuum/facility. *You can engender a inventory using the icons in the Portion panel of the Home ribbon (Bullets, Numbering, or Multilevel). Changing the extremity settings of the cells delay bullets can be beneficial. Beneath your board, transcribe a portion of at smallest 50 language to apprehend: Identify which residuum you chose. Justify why you made the choices you did using the knowledge in the boards to influence your conclusion. Check the Status bar at the groundwork of the window to see the order estimate.   Finally add the finishing touches to the Nursing essay. Add page total in the Footer (groundwork of your page). Add a Header that apprehends the indicate of your fact and your indicate. Add some formatting and varnish to your board. Bold and character the board headings. You can substitute the varnish of your quotation or the varnish of the elucidation to varnish legislation your board or reach it more readable. Be fictitious and possess fun!