Professional Email Message

Assignment #1: Functional Email Message

Due Week 2 and rate 100 points

Choose one of the functional scenarios supposing in Blackboard beneath the Student Center tab, or click here to light them in a new window.

Write a Functional Email Intimation (in the devise of Figure 5.1 on page 84 of BCOM9) from the perspective of a temperament in the scenario.  The email should sift-canvass the intimation end supposing in the scenario and should be addressed to another temperament from the scenario.

The intimation should choose the devise of an email; however, you gain surrender your assignment to the oncontinuity round shell.

The functional email intimation must unite to the aftercited requirements:

1. Content:

  1. Address the intimation end from the scenario.
  2. Request a face-to-face consultation to sift-canvass the end (at a biased era).
  3. Concentrate on the axioms of the position and fly using overly affecting conversation.
  4. Assume your berth is culture about the position for the chief era through your intimation.

2. Format:

  1. Use a picturesque matter continuity or address.
  2. Include an misapply and functional welcome / supplication.
  3. Use email devise including: To:, From:, Subject:, and Signature.

3. Clarity / Mechanics:

  1. Focus on clarity, match mechanics, and functional conversation/fashion requirements.
  2. Run spell/grammar hinder precedently surrenderting.

4. Your assignment must:

  1. This round requires use of Strayer Match Standards (SWS). The deviseat is unanalogous than other Strayer University rounds. Please choose a gravity to relight the SWS documentation for details.

5. Submitting your assignment:

  1. Submit your assignment through the oncontinuity round shell merely.

6. The biased round culture outcomes associated delay this assignment are:

  1. Plan, originate, and evaluate functional documents.
  2. Deliver functional knowledge to multitudinous audiences using misapply temper, fashion, and deviseat.
  3. Analyze functional intimation examples to back in qualification.