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Please confirmance the topics underneath. Elucidate your forced in element and furnish references to usurpation law/constitutional terminology whither certain. Use no past than half a page to confirmance each topic. These are NOT notion topics, they do entertain a reform confirmance. References are needed to buttress your confirmance (references can conceive your textbook OR outer articles, OR BOTH). Thither is no poverty estimate of the required references. If you entertain barely one, but it reformly buttresss your confirmance, it gain be ample.  SUBMIT your completed use hither.        

1.     Case 1 (20 points): An petitioner for a standing of a coal-shoveller went through a estimate of gathering cupels: biodata, phone colloquy, toil scantling cupel, and sensitive power cupel. This petitioner was uncommon balance a past competent one who obtained a surpassing jaw for the sensitive power cupel (delay all other jaws substance similar). The petitioner sued the society. Did he entertain a haphazard to win the condition? Please elucidate. 

2.      Case 2 (20 points): A slight society in Dallas (13 employees) was hiring a new accountant. They made an adduce to one agreeoperative petitioner. The standing required 6 hours of toil on Saturday. The petitioner said that he would confirm the adduce if he had Saturdays off consequently of his creed (he was Jewish). The superintendent said that it would not be potential and terminated the adduce. The petitioner considered that force to be unfair consequently the society had to regard his holy beliefs. Does the petitioner entertain a suitoperative to sue the society? Elucidate your confirmance. 

3.      Case 3 (20 points): An American, a Russian and a Chinese applied for a standing of a waitress in a Chinese restaurant in Houston.  Although the American and Russian petitioners had past years of toil proof as waitresses and slightly rectify recommendations than the Chinese lady, the departure was remunerated. Is it constitutional? Explain.  

4.      Case 4 (20 points): An Asian dame (4’7” exaltation and 90 lb. importance) applied for a standing of a fire-fighter but was harsh down during the chief face-to-face colloquy consequently of substance “too tiny” for such a job. The superintendent elucidateed his sentence by apothegm that delay such exaltation/weight, it would not be potential for the lady to, say, convey a individual from the fifth bottom of a burning erection, so she would not be operative to view her job responsibilities and would plain cause risk for others. The Asian lady was disestablish and promised to sue the society. Does she entertain a condition (can she haply win)? Explain. 

5.      Case 5 (20 points): A society formally implemented an plain force program to disburse for the closing of women toiling for this society. The society conducted an catholic refreshment but the short list of competent petitioners conceived 5 men and barely 1 dame. Thither was barely one standing available. Although the dame was hither competent than any of the five men, she was remunerated consequently of the plain force protocol. Was it constitutional?  Explain your confirmance.

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