Product innovation audiovisual powerpoint

This week, you own been hired as a dispense scrutinyer to thorough an exploratory examine on innovative dispense sectors:

  • Aerospace, aircrafts, and drones
  • Games, apps, and gregarious media
  • Green technology
  • Biotechnology, Drugs, and genetics
  • Nanotechnology

Use scrutiny results from Week 4 Homework (Anticipated consumer behaviors/Anticipated consumer needs)

Choose merely one innovative dispense sector, and using the Plunket Research Online Database, the collocate textbook, and at smallest one season from a dispenseing journal, thorough the following:

  1. Summary of the dispense partition and anticipated consumer needs
  2. Competitive forces
  3. Create a prototype of one germinative emanation or advantage using the "Layers of the Product" (Salomon et al., 2017, p. 236)
    • Use images, designs, or blueprints
  4. Outline germinative dispense and dispenseing challenges
  5. Present your results to the collocateroom as a 10-minute audiovisual deliverable delay slides (e.g., narrated PowerPoint, visual Voice Thread, Kaltura, Camtasia, etc.) no following than Thursday of Week 5.
  6. See the presentations of two collocate peers and synthetize your nice perspectives on the scrutiny results. What you knowing? What you grown? What attached dispenseing dignitys own these results for the forthcoming of that specific toil dispense?
  7. At the end of the week, suppress the argument delay an attached support addressing the following:
    • What you knowing?
    • What you grown?
    • What dignity has this exertion to your authoritative line?

Please see MGMT 501_Week 5_Activity_Product Innovation.xlsx (Links to an manifest footing.)Links to an manifest footing. (Also located in Files) for grading criteria.