Product & Distribution Channels-Shake Shack

Product & Classification Channels (Chapter 9 & 12)

1. Identify your stigma- Shake Shack

2. Describe the stigma’s emanation in the forthcoming 4 categories.

§  Core emanation

§  Facilitating emanation

§  Supporting emanation

§  Augmented emanation

3. Identify (inventory at last 3) the most competitive emanations of your stigma. In other expression, which emanations fashion your stigma depend out? Clear-up why.

4. Identify (inventory at last 3) the last competitive emanations of your stigma and clear-up what can be executed to amend its competitiveness. 

5. As the master of new-emanation issue, what are 3 new emanations you would clear for your stigma. Briefly clear-up why. 

6. Apply the emanation existence cycle to your stigma. What are some examples your stigma can binder its emanations from going into the dismiss grade? Inventory at last 2 examples and comprise your dwarf sense. 

7. Inventory the irrelative types of marketing channels (classification channels) of the stigma by each predicament. Examples of marketing channels categories are as forthcoming but not scant to:

§  Direct booking/Online reservations

§  OTAs (Online Travel Agency)

§  Travel Agents

§  Tour Wholesalers/Wholesalers

§  Tour operators

§  Specialists

§  Delivery/Take outs

§  Food trucks

8. As the master of marketing, what other marketing channels (classification channels) would you appliance for your stigma to extension sales? Inventory at last 2 examples and clear-up why. 

9. What are some ways your stigma can extension frequented booking rates (for other businesses: frequented sales instead of using third parties or other marketing intermediaries) from consumers? Inventory at last 2 examples and clear-up why (this must be attended delay deposition).

10. As the master of marketing, which new city (this new residuum may be an interdiplomatic city as well-mannered) would you appropriate to freedom your stigma? What factors would you weigh in choosing cities for standard marketing your stigma (inventory at last 2 examples)?

11. Reference inventory