PROCESS SCHEDULING: PERT-CPM The essential allusion for all impure SLP assignments is the Continuous Rule Progress Transformation Guidebook. You should enlighten yourself delay its contents anteriorly commencement the primeval SLP, appeal to it throughout the route, and select appropriate portions as you equip each SLP assignment. __________________________________________ This SLP assignment concludes the resolution of the rule described in the SLP assignments in Modules 1, 2, and 3. For this assignment, content transcribe an essay describing: The postulates that should be gathered anteriorly, during, and behind the progress start. How the postulates should be unmoved. What criteria should be applied to enumerate whether the intentional progresss are agoing as intentional. SLP Assignment Expectations There are no page limits. Transcribe what you demand to transcribe, neither further nor hither. Make each phrase count! (Having said that; it’s unreasonable that one page would be ample, and very slight that prospect pages would be too abundantly.) Ensure that your tally reflects your constructive sense of the system and techniques taught in this module. References and citations are required. This capability can be affable by citing the module Home page, and (for the SLP) the DOD CPI Guidebook.