Problems of Small Scale Industries

The route of feeble entrepreneurs is not incarnadine. Feeble entrepreneurs feature the followingcited types of substances: (1) Substance of raw materials: A greater substance that the feeble entrepreneurs feature is the procurement of raw materials. They entertain to oppose following a while crowded substances like; i. Availability of irregular portion ii. Poor temper of materials iii. Noble require of raw materials etc All these factors preventively feign the personal officeing of feeble units. (2) Substance of finance: Finance is one of the most dignified substances featured by feeble entrepreneurs. As finance is the animation rank of a vocation construction and no vocation construction can office personally in the deficiency of unabrupt funds. The substance of finance in feeble sector is principally due to two reasons i. e. (i) Scarcity of noble in the empire as a well. (ii) Weal honor-worthiness of feeble units in the empire. Due to their fragile economic deep, they meet it unamentalented to follow financial support from the healthysale banks and financial institutions. Therefore, feeble entrepreneurs entertain to get honor from the currency lenders on a very noble trounce of concern. (3) Substance of dispenseing: One of the greater substances featured by feeble entrepreneurs is in the arena of dispenseing. They are not in a feature to get leading artisan counsel environing the dispense i. e. counsel environing amount, elegancy, relish disrelish of consumers. Therefore, they are not talented to upgrade their fruits according to the changing vocation environment. These feeble units acceding to the changing vocation environment. These feeble units repeatedly do not system any dispenseing construction. As a issue, their fruit temper compares unfavorably following a while the temper of the fruits of the catholic flake industries. Therefore, these industries tolerate from a relatively hindrance as compared to catholic flake industries. (4) Substance of inferiorneathneath utilization of cleverness: Most of the feeble entrepreneurs are tolerateing from the substance of inferiorneathneath utilization of cleverness. Feeble flake units are making solely 40 to 50 percent use of their inveterate capacities due to multitudinous reasons such as shortage of finance, raw-materials, potentiality and inferiorneath-developed dispenses for their fruits. (5) Outdated technology: Most of the feeble entrepreneurs remain upon old techniques and equipment. These units meet it very unamentalented to novelize their place and machinery due to scant cleverness and noble. He temper of fruits and fruitivity aid be low in the deficiency of novel technology and that too at nobleer require. They are in no feature to consummate following a while their amend equipped rivals unimpeded novel catholic flake units. For specimen, Khaki fruits flush following legislation subsidy appear to be requirelier. (6) Poor design planning: Poor design planning is another substance featured by feeble entrepreneurs. In the deficiency of education and apprehension, these entrepreneurs do not connect fur feeling to viability studies. They do not fuse to consider the require feature, dispenseing substances, sources of raw materials. Inexperienced and incompetent entrepreneurs repeatedly propose unrealistic feasibility reports and inconsummate documents which uniformly consequence in delays in completing promotional formalities. They cannot give to service services of design consultants due to scant financial media. (7) Irregular infrastructure: Insufficient temper and portion of manner, despatch and other basic services especially in unserviceable areas is another substance. Irregular infrastructure consequences in inferiorneathneath utilization of cleverness and wastages. Irregular infrastructures also preventively feign the temper, portion and fruition register of the acts unimpeded in these areas. Therefore, their officeing gain grace uneconomical and unviable. (8) Substance of serviceable manpower: A feeble entrepreneur located in unserviceable area may not entertain substance of unserviceable producters but it may be laagered to the substance of non-availability of serviceable producters. Skilled producters may be backward to product in their areas and feeble flake act may not give to pay the allowance and other facilities requireed by these people. Unavailability of serviceable manpotentiality consequence in inferior fruitivity, reward of temper, growth in wastages, loosen in other over requires and finally preventive collision on the profitability of these feeble flake units. (9) Managerial substance: Another careful substance for feeble flake units is managerial inadequacies. Novel vocation requires vision, apprehension, proneness, proneness and well hearted love. The managerial wealth of the entrepreneur is very dignified for the good-fortune of any hazard. An entrepreneur is required to inferiorneathgo inoculation and counseling for developing his construction revolves. Therefore, he must be abundantly proficient following a while all features of administration. Lack of personal commitment and managerial proneness gain add to the substances of entrepreneurs. (10) Other substances: In abstracted to overhead discussed substances, the feeble flake industries entertain been unyielding by a estimate of other substances such as skilled technicians, technological annihilation, unorganized sort of action etc.