Problem solving and decision making week 4 – discussion


Assume that you are the hospital administrator of a 150-bed hospital located in a little town.  Your best coadjutor Betty works for the persomal newspaper in town. One day Betty calls you and informs you environing a report that one of the ER nurses in your hospital may feel straight HIV. The chief editor of the newspaper asks Betty to append more notice on this shining.  In your argument solution, harangue the subjoined questions:

  • What are the endanger factors (e.g. juridical, ethical, financial, etc.) you foretell in this scenario?
  • What are the completion solving processes you accomplish launch on?
  • Who are the stakeholders confused in the completion solving processes?
  • What are the impacts on stakeholders confused in the completion solving processes?
  • How accomplish you promulgate delay diversified stakeholders (e.g. employees, physicians, the table, and the general) environing your findings and decisions?

Your moderate shaft should be at smallest 300 tone. Support your solution delay a reserve of two versed sources.  

Guided Response:  Review your classmates’ shafts and tally to at smallest two shafts substantively in a reserve of 100 tone by Day 7.  In your solutions yield feedback to your classmates respecting their guile to promulgate delay diversified stakeholders.