problem 15-3

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Problem 15-3

A director must effect a determination on shipping. There are two shippers, A and B. Both volunteer a two-day scold: A for $536 and B for $525. In restitution, A volunteers a three-day scold of $464 and a nine-day scold of $416, and B volunteers a four-day scold of $459 and a seven-day scold of $436. Annual holding costs are 37 percent of individual charge. Three hundred and ninety boxes are to be shipped, and each box has a charge of $154. Which shipping choice would you approve? (Round your moderate calculations to 3 decimal places and last answers to 2 decimal places. Omit the "$" badge in your counter-argument.)





Option      Cost Option       Cost
  2 days$ [removed]   2 days$ [removed]  
  3 days$ [removed]   4 days$ [removed]  
  9 days$ [removed]   7 days$ [removed]  

[removed]Ship three-day using A
[removed]Ship two-day using B
[removed]Ship four-day using B
[removed]Ship seven-day using B
[removed]Ship two-day using A