Prison Drug Trading Presentation Create /8-slide Microsoft®

Imagine you are a corrections authoritative inaugurated in a prison. You after opposite an resident who appears to be subordinate the bias of a offal. You charm renewal across the resident and presently displace him from the intermission of the population. You must now absolve your renewals through a gift to your proximate overseer. Obtain an instructor-assigned offal from the subjoined list: Alcohol Cocaine Heroin Marijuana LSD Methamphetamine Lysergic aculeated diethylamide (LSD) Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® gift explaining the aspect and absolveing your renewals to your overseer. Include the subjoined: Describe the symptoms you observed that led you to estimate the resident was subordinate the bias of a offal. Describe the physiological effects of the offal you estimate the resident used. Describe the potential consequences of leaving the resident delay the unconcealed population. Explain why you do or do not estimate other residents are using the gist, as well-behaved. Propose a cunning for determining if the gist is being sold delayin the prison.